33-37 Mica Street, Carole Park, QLD


33-37 Mica Street, property is located in Carole Park near the junction of the Ipswich and Logan motorways approximately 25 kilometres south west of the Brisbane CBD. The property comprises a food and manufacturing facility with ancillary office accommodation. The original building was constructed 1985 with significant expansion works undertaken in 2005.

Property Information
Property type Industrial
 Ownership interest 100%
 Title Freehold
 Latest external valuation June 2016
 Book value ($m) 26.5
 Capitalisation rate (%) 7.50
 Net lettable area (NLA) 18,613 sqm
 Occupancy (%) 100
 Weighted average lease term to expiry (years) 13.2
 Major Tenant Greens Biscuits Pty Ltd
 Lease expiry August 2029

*Information accurate as at 11.01.2017 and provides a summary of key information in relation to the named property within the Centuria Industrial REIT portfolio. Information is in summary form only and investors should refer to the Fund’s published financial statements and other disclosures for further information and detail on the portfolio.