About Investment Bonds

What are investment bonds, and how can they benefit you?

Centuria’s Investment Bonds are designed for investors seeking a tax-effective investment over the medium to long term. The Bonds are intended for individuals who want simplicity in their investment, tax planning and estate planning needs covered in one tax-effective investment. Centuria’s Investment Bonds have a range of Investment Options that are referred to as Bonds. This PDS provides details about Centuria Investment Bonds.

If you have a goal, we have the strategy

Are you building wealth, saving for a property, setting aside an education fund? Do you want to complement your superannuation strategy with a more flexible investment?

Centuria Investment Bonds give investors with medium-to long-term goals the capacity to make tax-effective investment decisions outside superannuation.

Tax paid for you

The growth and earnings of Centuria Investment Bonds are taxed at a maximum rate of 30%, paid by Centuria from the earnings of each Bond.

Tax-free after 10 years

You pay no personal income tax on your investment during the Term, and if you hold your investment for more than 10 years, you pay no tax on withdrawals.

You can make once-only, or regular contributions and benefit from the advantages of compound growth to create long-term wealth.

We do not distribute any income until you withdraw your investment. Each Bond’s net investment earnings are automatically reinvested, which means you benefit from compounding returns.

No annual tax reporting

As long as your money remains invested, we will pay tax on investment earnings and there is no requirement to declare those earnings in your annual tax reporting.


Establish your investment. We pay the tax and report to you annually. No tax declarations, and no more paperwork.


There are no limits on contributions in the first year and you can contribute up to 125% of the previous year’s contributions after that without changing the original start date of your Bond for tax purposes. There are no limits on withdrawals. You can make once-only or regular contributions and withdrawals whenever you like. You can use your Bond to build wealth for the future, supplement your income or save for that big expense.


You can nominate beneficiaries who will receive the proceeds of the Bond without reference to your will. This provides peace of mind knowing your intended beneficiaries will be looked after.


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