High Growth Fund

Investment Objective

To provide investors with capital growth over the long term (7-10 years) through exposure to growth assets such as Australian shares, international shares and listed property securities.

Investment Strategy

The Centuria Life Limited invests primarily in growth assets which include Australian shares, International shares and listed and unlisted property securities.

This investment strategy typically aims to hold 80% growth assets and 20% defensive assets.

Fund Size

$7.10 million (inception date 26/02/2004)

Key Features
Minimum Initial Investment $500
Minimum Additional Investment $500 for a one-off additional payment
Additional Investment Plan Minimum monthly deposit of $100
Minimum Switching Amount $500
Minimum Balance $500
Contribution Fee Nil
Annual Management Fee Net 1.875% p.a.
Suggested Timeframe 7 – 10 years
Effective Tax Rate 26%


The performance of your bond is measured after taxes and fees within this tax paid bond. For periods of 1 year or longer, the movement is expressed as an annual rate of return. The performance figures below are as at 30 June 2017.

Past performance is not a reliable guide to future performance.

1 year % p.a. 3 years % p.a. 5 years % p.a.
Net Performance 7.05 6.51 9.69

Asset Allocation

Min %  Max %  Actual %  Investment Manager
Australian Shares 30 70 72.02 Centuria/Smallco
International Shares 20 60 20.36 Centuria
Property 0 25 4.96  Centuria
Cash 0 15 2.66  Citibank/Macquarie
Alternative Assets 0 15 0

^ This may include Australia and international venture and development capital and public infrastructure investments

A $10,000 investment in a Centuria High Growth Bond made on 1 July 2012 was worth $15,678 five years later on 30 June 2017 after all taxes and fees paid within the bond.



Top 5 Holdings
1. Smallco Broadcap Fund
2. Vanguard All World ex-US ETF
3. Smallco Investment Fund
4. QV Equities Limited (QVE)
5. Ellerston Microcap Fund




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