Investment Returns Calculator

What will it take to achieve your saving goals?

You can start an investment bond with an initial investment of $500* and make additional contributions of up to 125% of the previous year’s contribution(s). All additional investments have the same start date for tax purposes. There is no personal income tax on your investment during the term of the bond, so there is no declaration of growth or income required in your tax return. Growth and earnings are taxed at a maximum rate of 30% paid from earnings within the bond. There is no personal tax payable on withdrawals from the investment bond after 10 years.

Centuria’s Investment Bond calculator will provide you with general illustrative examples based on specified assumptions to assist in determining the contributions you may need to make to an investment bond in order to achieve your goal.

* Initial investment for Centuria’s bonds, however, this may vary for other investment bond providers.

IMPORTANT: The calculator is a tool only and does not provide you with a projection or forecast for any investment bond issued by any entity. Each bond will have different investments and a different risk profile. The outcome is illustrative only and is based on the assumptions provided. If one or more of the assumptions are not met, the outcome will differ to that shown. Investment returns in particular will vary from investment bond to investment bond and from year to year and may experience negative returns for one or more years.

How to use the calculator