Investor Education

Guide to Leasing

1 September 2012

For investment grade properties, it is the lease or leases of the property which determine the rental income and ultimately the end value of an asset, coupled with the capitalisation rate or yield which an investor will accept for that same asset. Click below to read this article.

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Guide to Bank Funding

1 June 2012

Every Centuria fund takes out a non-recourse loan facility with a major bank, which is designed to help fund acquisitions, and use leverage to improve the income and capital returns to investors. There are a few key aspects of a Loan Facility which investors should be aware of, particularly in terms of the risk which

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Guide to Valuation

1 March 2012

Under the requirements of each Fund’s loan facility, all properties within Centuria’s portfolio are required to be valued independently by an external valuer on a regular basis. Click below to read this article.

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