Corporate Governance

The ASX Corporate Governance Council (“the Council”) published its Principles of Good Corporate Governance and Best Practice Recommendations in 2003. The Council revised the recommendations in 2007. Centuria Capital has welcomed this guidance and the Board has established corporate governance practices in line with the Council’s recommendations.

As recognised by the Council, corporate governance is the system by which companies are directed and managed. It influences how the objectives of the company are set and achieved, how risk is monitored and assessed and how performance is optimised. There is no single model of good corporate governance. At Centuria, good corporate governance will evolve with our changing circumstances and will be tailored to meet those circumstances.

Please see the following link to Centuria Capital Limited’s Corporate Governance Statement. This statement sets out the core principles identified by the Council as underlying good corporate governance and outlines Centuria Capital Limited’s approach to each of the principles.

We have also provided a link to each of the following corporate governance related documents


Policies & Procedures