Corporate Overview

Centuria Capital Group (CNI) is an ASX-listed specialist investment manager with $4.6 billion in assets under management  (as at 15 February 2018) and a 35 year track-record of delivering a range of products and services to investors, advisers and shareholders. Our business has two key areas of focus; Centuria Investment Bonds which delivers innovative solutions to help clients meet their investment goals and Centuria Property Funds which specialises in listed and unlisted property investments.

Centuria Unlisted Property Funds presently own and manage a portfolio of approximately $1.7 billion1 in 17 unlisted funds and one open-ended diversified property fund.

This division was established in 1999 with the specific objective of purchasing high-quality, growth-oriented commercial property investments. To date we have managed 37 funds to completion totaling approximately $1.5 billion.

Centuria 8 Central Avenue Fund No.2 awarded ‘Best Unlisted Fund for 2015’ at the 21st Annual PIR Property Funds Industry Forum 2015; and

Centuria 203 Pacific Highway Fund awarded ‘Best Unlisted Fund for 2016’ at the 22nd Annual PIR Property Funds Industry Forum 2016.

Centuria Listed Property Funds presently own and manage a portfolio of 58 individual properties with a combined value of approximately $1.85 billion in 2 listed REITS.

Centuria Metropolitan REIT (CMA) In late 2014 we launched our first ASX-listed fund, the Centuria Metropolitan REIT (CMA) which invests in office and industrial assets in metropolitan markets across Australia. The Fund’s portfolio comprises sixteen office and two industrial assets which are geographically diversified across Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth, Melbourne and Adelaide. These assets have been valued at $902.5 million (as at 31 December 2017).

Centuria Industrial REIT (CIP) The ASX-listed Centuria Industrial REIT  invests in industrial assets within Australia. The Fund’s portfolio comprises 36 industrial assets which are geographically diversified across New South Wales 44%, Victoria 25%, Queensland 19%, Western Australia 9%, Australian Capital Territory 2% and South Australia 1%.

Centuria Investment Bonds offers a range of unit-linked, tax effective investment bonds which can be used to meet a range of personal and financial goals.

Centuria Investment Bonds may suit investors that are looking for:

– A tax effective alternative to complement superannuation
– A way to build wealth over the long term
– Certainty in estate planning
– A investment vehicle to help fund children’s education
– A strategy to help reduce aged care fees
– A way to fund a business succession plan
– An alternative to investing in a company structure

The range of unit-linked investment options offered within our investment bonds covers balanced to aggressive risk profiles.

Centuria has a track record of developing high quality investment products with the aim of delivering strong returns to investors. Centuria Life was a finalist in the AFA Life Company of the Year Awards 2015 and 2017.

Life company of the year award 2017 - FinalistINVESTMENT BOND AWARD - Finalist Large

1 Includes post 31 December 2017 acquisitions