Centuria Capital Group – Corporate Overview

Centuria Capital Group (CNI) is an Australian Securities Exchange (ASX)-listed specialist funds manager with $9.4 billion in assets under management1. For more than 20 years we have been helping investors grow their wealth through property investment and investment bonds.

We work relentlessly to understand opportunities in the market, and our 20 years of experience and depth of industry contacts allows us to discover market value where others don’t. We hold ourselves to the highest standards to ensure our investors’ best interests are served.

Our property platform includes a range of listed and unlisted property funds. We buy and actively manage commercial, industrial and healthcare property.

Our investment bonds business, Centuria Life, provides tax-effective investments to help people grow, protect and transfer their wealth.

Centuria Property Funds

Our property platform includes a range of listed REITs and unlisted property funds. We buy and actively manage commercial, industrial and healthcare property.

Centuria Property Funds was formed in 1999 to arrange the syndicated purchase of investment grade property on behalf of a limited number of private investor clients. These investors wished to participate in the ownership of high-value commercial property, not normally accessible to individuals.

Centuria Property Funds is an established funds manager, managing over 130 properties across closed-ended unlisted property funds, one open-ended diversified property fund as well as Australia’s largest pure play office REIT (ASX:COF ) and Australia’s largest domestic pure play industrial REIT (ASX:CIP). In 2019, Centuria acquired 63% of Heathley to form Centuria Healthcare unlocking attractive investment opportunities in the high performing healthcare property sector.

Our asset management team are experts when it comes to leasing, managing and improving our property assets, with the aim of creating value for our investors. We provide end to end asset management including acquisition, funds management, leasing, property and facilities management that is focused on direct tenant relationships.

Centuria’s Value Add Investment Philosophy

Centuria’s investment philosophy is founded on an active management approach to real estate where relationships are key and there is the potential for value to be added at all stages of the investment process (acquisition, ownership, management and disposal).

Centuria believes it has a particular strength in identifying assets that require intensive asset management to maximise returns and has an in-house team to deliver the requisite range of value-add services. Centuria does not try to predict broader macro economic trends but instead believes that an asset that is well acquired and actively managed will outperform a passive approach through the full economic cycle.

Centuria’s Investment Process

Centuria believes in a “hands-on” approach to managing property assets. Unlike a lot of property fund managers, Centuria does not outsource its office and industrial property management to real estate agents (although property management may be outsourced in remote locations or for special purpose assets).

Centuria has a fundamental belief that it can deliver better returns from its property assets by having a closer relationship with the tenants and a better understanding of the buildings themselves.

Centuria Life

As a long-standing provider of insurance or investment bonds in the Australian market through our APRA-regulated Centuria Life, we offer a broad investment menu and provide access to a wide range of high-quality active investment managers and low cost specialised index investments. This provides investors a diverse investment style and risk catalogue to satisfy a wide variety of investor goals and profiles.

Our investment bond funds invest specifically in the major asset classes of cash, fixed interest, Australian shares, International shares, property and infrastructure along with a range of diversified, balanced and growth strategies.

We provide investors alternative structures with fundamental differences for tax-effective investing, supplementing super, estate planning, investing for your children and goal-based investments.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) framework

In 2014, Centuria Property Funds (Centuria) established an ambitious Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) framework which guides our business as we continue investing in and managing high-quality property assets throughout Australia. It serves as a platform to communicate with our stakeholders on environmental, social, and governance expectations for our business, and outline the methods which we plan to use to ensure their achievement.

Our organisation is founded on being a highly principled investor, and has fostered a legacy of lasting relationships across the property industry while engaging intimately with the communities we operate in. The attentive and deliberate approach we have adopted with our group strategy extends directly to our ability to embed ESG fundamentals into our investment process. As the Australian property market continues to harness interest from an array of foreign investment groups, we have found our commitment to ESG principles to be a critical component of our success and growth in recent years. We pride ourselves on being able to apply our resources rapidly and with shrewdness, to provide premium service to our clients and investors, and for constantly seeking and implementing sustainable design in our properties, a redeeming feature to both our investors and the regions our properties are located in.

1. Centuria AUM as at 30 June 2020, Augusta AUM as at 31 March 2020. AUM is calculated assuming Centuria’s offer is successful and Centuria acquires 100% of Augusta, and completion of CIP acquisitions.