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Welcome to our Autumn 2022 Newsletter

Welcome back to our quarterly newsletters. This autumn edition provides updates on our interim results for Centuria Capital as well as the CIP and COF listed REITs; news of our latest private hospital development; and details about a few new acquisitions.


Welcome to our Autumn 2021 Newsletter

Throughout the March Quarter and into the final quarter of FY21, Centuria has undertaken significant real estate transactions, leasing transactions and corporate transactions. Find out more from our Joint CEOs and our listed REITs’ Fund Managers.


Welcome to our New Year 2021 Newsletter

In this edition, John provides an update on the Group’s AUM growth and our recent ESG initiatives. Jason highlights recent real estate transactions along with the announcement of our upcoming unlisted fixed-term industrial fund, Centuria Industrial Income Fund No 1 (CIIF1) launch. Andrew reveals Centuria Healthcare Property Fund (CHPF’s) second fundraising closed 2020 on a high,


Welcome to our Spring 2020 Newsletter

In this edition, John provides an update on the completed Augusta takeover, our GICS reclassification and our strategy to become a Top 3 Australian real estate funds manager, Jason elaborates on the industrial, healthcare and decentralised office funds’ performance throughout Q1 FY21 and Ross explains how Centuria has paid $220m in distributions to our investors throughout FY20. There are also updates about our unlisted funds’ performance, Townsville Distribution Centre opening and our LifeGoals investment bonds product.


Welcome to our Mid Year 2020 Newsletter

In a time demanding digital world, Centuria still want to keep you up to speed on news, views and investment opportunities. That’s why we have invested our time, to save yours. Centuria Newsletters have been designed to give you short precise information in quick and digestible videos. Give us your feedback and ideas of features you wish to see in Centuria next newsletter edition.

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