Centuria Capital Group
HY22 Results

Organic Growth Underpins Platform Expansion

Centuria’s platform increased to $20.2 billion1, underpinned by $2.5 billion4 of gross real estate acquisition activity split by $1.6 billion of unlisted and $0.9 billion listed real estate. Valuation uplift across the platform was $0.6 billion. Unlisted AUM increased 15% to $12.6 billion, listed AUM grew 22% to $6.7 billion.

Centuria’s seven real estate verticals all contributed meaningfully to these interim results and provide access to attractive emerging sectors like agriculture, healthcare, daily needs and large format retail and real estate finance, along with ongoing exposure to de-centralised office and industrial.

Centuria will continue to consolidate a position as a leading Australasian funds manager, focused on the property sector via equity and debt funds across defined asset classes.

CNI HY22 results wrap

  1. Includes assets exchanged to be settled, cash and other assets
  2. Operating Earnings Per Share (OEPS). OEPS guidance upgraded from previous guidance of 13.2cps (11 August 2021)
  3. Source: Moelis Australia. Based on movement in security price from ASX closing on 31 December 2020 to ASX closing on 31 December 2021 plus distributions per security paid during the respective period(s) assuming re-investment of all distributions. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance
  4. Includes $1,060m of acquisitions exchanged and settled in HY22, $1,087m of new acquisitions exchanged in HY22 yet to be settled and $328m of real estate debt transactions.

Group AUM Profile

CNI Group AUM as at 31 January 2022

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