Centuria Capital (CNI) – Tax Cost Base Apportionment

For capital gains tax purposes, securityholders who hold a stapled security in Centuria Capital Group are required to apportion the cost of each security between the cost base of shares in Centuria Capital Limited and the cost base of units in Centuria Capital Fund. The cost base is relevant for any sale or disposal of securities in Centuria Capital Group and the receipt of any tax deferred distributions.

This apportionment is required to be done on a reasonable basis. One reasonable way to determine cost base (and allocation of sale proceeds) is to apply a Net Tangible Asset approach in respect of the stapled entities using the following information:

DateCenturia Capital LimitedCenturia Capital FundCenturia Capital Group
30 June 202128.14%71.86%100.00%
31 December 202033.44%66.56%100.00%
30 June 202024.49%75.51%100.00%
31 December 201915.75%84.25%100.00%
30 June 201923.30%76.70%100.00%
31 December 201827.89%72.11%100.00%
30 June 201829.39%70.61%100.00%
31 December 201728.47%71.53%100.00%
30 June 201721.79%78.21%100.00%
31 December 201619.58%80.42%100.00%
17 October 2016 (stapling)19.14%80.86%100.00%

Please note that the correct apportionment rate to be used depends on the relevant date of the specific transaction. The apportionment rate relevant for the acquisition of a stapled security may differ from the rate on disposal.

Centuria Capital Group typically announces its Net Tangible Assets each 31 December and 30 June.

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