St Lucy’s School

Our recent activities:

Annual Trivia Night

In July 2015, Centuria held its fourth annual Trivia Night to raise funds for St Lucy’s School. The event attracted over 150 attendees and raised almost $40,000. The funds raised by the event will go towards St Lucy’s Literacy for Life programme. The programme focuses on intensive training of volunteers, parents and other professionals who have day-to-day contact with students who attend the School. Literacy for Life involves the use of specific resources and ongoing research to monitor best practice in teaching students to read. 

We would like to thank all our partners and volunteers who supported this cause, and in particular our thanks to KPMG, who kindly donated their function space for the event. We look forward to hosting the event again in 2016.

Volunteering Days

Throughout 2015 Centuria employees continued to take part in volunteering days at the St Lucy’s School, participating in a wide range of activities from assisting with general maintenance and gardening to providing administration help. The time spent at St. Lucy’s gives us the opportunity to see the difference the School makes to the lives of its students, first hand.

We Believe that Every Child Deserves to be Heard

In September 2014, Centuria’s CEOs John McBain, Jason Huljich and Nicholas Collishaw participated in St. Lucy’s the annual Week Without Words campaign, raising over $11 500 for the school. 

Week Without Words is an awareness campaign to help raise funds for St. Lucy’s students to purchase the tools they need to communicate. Participants in Week Without Words communicate without speech using a combination of email, text and written notes.

95% of the students at St. Lucy’s have a communication disability and the funds raised go towards speech therapy along with electronic devices, such as iPads and applications, which can ‘speak’ for students.

You can get involved at: