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Access Centuria’s property investment capabilities via our Diversified Property Fund which has monthly distributions and a limited monthly liquidity facility.

Investment Overview

The Centuria Diversified Property Fund is a multi-asset, open-ended unlisted property fund investing in real property, unlisted property schemes, ASX listed A-REITs and cash deposits.

Fund Objective

The Centuria Diversified Property Fund aims to provide monthly tax effective income and the potential for long term capital growth by investing (directly and indirectly via investments in unlisted property schemes which invest in direct property) in a diversified portfolio of predominantly office, industrial and retail properties located in Australia. The Fund will also hold approximately 20% of its assets in liquid investments. These will consist of cash and ASX listed A-REITs.

Minimum Investment

$10,000. Centuria may accept initial investments that are less than $10,000 at its discretion. The minimum additional investment amount is $1,000.

Term of Investment

There is no minimum term during which Investors must retain their Units in the Fund. Equally, there is no maximum term of investment as the Fund’s term will be ongoing.

Why Centuria?

Centuria Capital Group is an ASX-listed specialist fund manager with $5.6 billion1 of assets under management.

Centuria Property Funds offers investments in listed and unlisted property across 70+ high quality office and industrial buildings around Australia. We are a relationship business, forging close connections with investors and actively managing properties to improve usability and attract and retain good tenants. We see this as our competitive advantage, which has helped us achieve a strong record of competitive income returns and capital growth.

The unlisted business has a 20 year heritage and in that time, has completed 37 unlisted property funds.

Centuria’s Value Add Investment Philosophy

Centuria’s investment philosophy is founded on an active management approach to real estate where relationships are key and value can be added at all stages of the investment process (acquisition, ownership, management and disposal). Centuria has a particular strength in identifying assets that require intensive asset management to maximise returns and has an in-house team to deliver the requisite range of value-add services. Centuria does not try to predict broader macro economic trends but instead believes that an asset that is well acquired and actively managed will outperform a passive approach through the full economic cycle.

Centuria’s Investment Process

Centuria believes in a “hands-on” approach to managing property assets. Unlike a lot of property fund managers, Centuria does not outsource its property management to real estate agents (although property management may be outsourced in remote locations or for special purpose assets). Centuria has a fundamental belief that it can deliver better returns from its property assets by having a closer relationship with the tenants and a better understanding of the buildings themselves.


  1. As at 31 December 2018
  2. Key portfolio metrics are based on the underlying properties in the unlisted property funds CDPF invests in as at 31 December 2018. CDPF is one of the unitholders in these funds and as such is effectively a partial owner of each of the underlying properties. Refer to fund fact sheets for further break down.
  3. Fund carrying value as at 31 December 2018
  4. Forecasted liquidity for the month of March 2019
  5. Gearing is calculated on a look-through basis as at 31 December 2018

Centuria Diversified Property Fund – Portfolio*

The CDPF is a unitholder in the following Centuria unlisted property funds. There are additional unitholders in these funds so these units effectively reflect a partial ownership of the underlying properties. The CDPF also invests in Cash and an ASX listed A-REIT which are also included below.

*As at 31 December 2018
CDPF asset allocation

The Centuria Diversified Property Fund targets to invest 80% of the fund in unlisted property funds. The underlying properties in these Centuria unlisted property funds are shown below: