Funding your child’s education can be as easy as ABC

A great education can set your child up for life, from the knowledge acquired to the life-long friendships formed. It can also come at a significant cost in after-tax money. However, with good planning and considered investing, it doesn’t have to be hard. It’s a matter of working out how much you need to save, and then choosing an investment approach that complements your risk preferences.

A) All about the homework
✓ Choose the school: public, catholic or private?
✓ Estimate the cost of fees, uniforms, stationery, extra activities and incidentals per child
✓ Need help? Try our Cost of education calculator
B) Be across your options
✓ What is your risk appetite? Consider the risk & return.
✓ How long do you have to invest? The longer you have, the greater the chance you’ll meet your goals.
✓ Set and forget: how can you make your savings automatic, so you don’t fall off track?
C) Start investing today!
✓ After considering your options, select your product
✓ Read the Product Disclosure statement and clarify any questions
✓ Complete your application form and you’re on your investment journey!

How a Centuria Investment Bond can help

Investment Bonds can be a tax-effective way to invest for the medium- to long-term. Centuria has a proud heritage of helping Australians build their wealth through our flexible, tax-effective unitised investment bonds.

graph-showing-upward-trend-iconTax-paid, effective investments

No personal income tax on your investment during the term, and no personal tax on withdrawals after 10 years. Plus your choice of a range of funds across the risk/return curve.

graph-iconSimple and flexible

Easy to set up and make regular contributions. We manage the investments and report to you annually. Plus you have access to your money at any time, either in part or in full.


year heritage 

Issued by the Centuria Life Friendly Society, Centuria’s investment bonds have been helping Australians build their wealth for more than 35 years.


If you start early, time is on your side


When you do the math, you could be looking at tens – or possibly hundreds – of thousands of dollars to educate your children.

Which is why it is important to consider starting to save for your children’s education as early as possible.

Time is on your side with long-term investments. And by forming good investment habits early, you can set and forget, and have peace of mind that your goal is on track.

So what are you waiting for! Set up your investment bond today

Applying for a Centuria investment bond is easy, and can start today.

A Centuria investment bond can provide a simple, tax-effective investment over the medium- to long-term to help you invest for the future.  Download our PDS to learn more about the product, and either use the paper application form at the back, or apply online.

Or call our friendly investor services team to find out more about the product or help with your application.