Strategies for Investing


Centuria Investment Bonds are versatile, simple and flexible. They can be used to meet many financial goals, are easy to understand and manage and you can access your funds at any age. They may suit investors that are looking for:

  • A tax effective alternative to complement superannuation
  • A way to build wealth over the long term
  • Certainty in estate planning.

Strategy #1: Supplementing Super

Strategy #2: Managing Aged Care Fees

Strategy #3: Reducing fees for Pre-1 July 2014 aged care residents

 Strategy #4: Estate Planning made simple

 Strategy #5: Tax effective investing – Alternative structures

Strategy #6: Using an Investment Bond to fund a business succession plan

Strategy #7: Tax-effective options for saving and investing for a child’s education

Strategy #8:  Seven reasons to consider an Investment Bond with Centuria