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A tax-free investment that isn’t super

Allison Macfarlane recently presented at the Switzer Investor Strategy Day “A tax-free investment that isn’t super”

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Are the super changes affecting your retirement planning?

If they’re not, maybe they should be, says Neil Rogan, General Manager of Investment Bonds for Centuria. Investment bonds can be a tax-effective alternative to super for those Australians affected by last year’s changes. Major changes to the superannuation rules came into effect in mid-2017, and by now, many SMSFs,as well as Australians earning higher

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Podcast – Neil Rogan on NestEgg about Investment Bonds

Bonds aren’t usually associated with international travel, the US Superbowl, or a mid-career gap year, but according to Centuria’s Neil Rogan, investment bonds are much sexier than people think. Speaking to the Nest Egg podcast team, the general manager of Centuria’s investment bonds division, Neil Rogan said bonds are a tried and tested structure, and

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Strategies to fund a gap year

2 February 2018

The gap year is fast becoming a rite of passage for many young Australians, as they seek a break between the rigours of their final year of school and commencing further studies at tertiary level. Some students take a break to work and earn money to help them through uni, while others seek experiences –

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Is your investment strategy stopping you choosing your own retirement date

1 February 2018

Why super isn’t the only long-term saving plan Most of us would love to be able to choose when we retire – preferably before we are too old to enjoy it. At the same time, because we are living longer, we need to be realistic about how long we are likely to be in retirement

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A tax-effective complement to super

by Neil Rogan As published in Cuffelinks Edition 152 published on 22 April 2016 Superannuation is a tax-effective vehicle for long-term retirement savings. Currently, both contributions and investment earnings (in accumulation phase) are taxed at 15% for people with taxable incomes less than $300,000. This rate is significantly less than the highest personal marginal tax

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