Dynamic Asset Allocation (DAA) Bond

Investment Manager

Implemented Portfolios Pty Ltd is an Australian investment manager that specialises in a professional managed account service focusing on a Dynamic Asset Allocation investment philosophy.

Investment Objective

To provide a mix of income and growth opportunities over a minimum of a 5 to 7 year time frame.

Investment Strategy

To invest in income producing assets, with associated tax advantages where appropriate, along with an exposure to property and shares to provide some additional income and medium term capital appreciation. The philosophy focuses on a Dynamic Asset Allocation approach by implementing an overweight stance in asset classes with expected higher future returns and vice versa.

Key Features  
Bond Type Unit linked investment with growth and income returns reflected in unit prices.
Minimum Initial Investment $25,000*
Minimum Additional Investment $ 5,000 for a one-off additional payment
Minimum Withdrawals $5,000
Minimum Balance $25,000
Contribution Fee Nil
Annual Management Fee Net 1.09% p.a. max**
Suggested Timeframe 5 – 7 years

* Inclusive of any Adviser Fee Payment that you direct us to pay your financial adviser.
** Comprised of a tiered administration fee based on Bond value and an investment management fee.


The performance of your bond is measured after taxes and fees within this tax paid bond. For periods of 1 year or longer, the movement is expressed as an annual rate of return. The performance figures below are as at 31 July 2016.

Past performance is not a reliable guide to future performance.

3 months % 6 months % 1 year %
Net Performance 2.60 5.40 -0.12

Asset Allocation

Asset Allocation* Allowable Range
Cash 3 – 10%
Income Securities 0 – 97%
High Yield Income Securities 0 – 60%
Listed Property 0 – 60%
Australian Equities 0 – 60%
International Equities 0 – 60%

About Dynamic Asset Allocation

Implemented Portfolios actively manage the Portfolio by making adjustments to asset allocations based on market conditions and forecast returns expected from each asset class. Large asset allocation moves are implemented gradually, guided by these long term asset class forecasts. However it is important to note that asset allocation decisions are reviewed regularly and with a broader range of outcomes than more traditional strategic asset allocation approaches (which are often only annual reviews with marginal asset allocation changes within a range).

Implemented Portfolios implement an overweight stance in asset classes where they expect good future returns, though they do limit overall exposure to risky assets. Expensive assets produce low future returns and often also mean large capital losses, and hence Implemented Portfolios seek to reduce or eliminate exposure to these asset classes.

Asset Allocation and Investment Committee

To apply Implemented Portfolios investment philosophy and dynamic asset allocation strategy, Implemented Portfolios have appointed an Asset Allocation and Investment Committee. The role of Implemented Portfolios Asset Allocation and Investment Committee is to apply the investment philosophy outlined above in a disciplined manner, whilst ensuring that the investment program parameters are followed. At their regular meetings they review the long term forecasts for each asset class and adjust the active asset allocation stance as appropriate, as well as agree on the timing of the implementation of any changes.

Further Information

Visit Implemented Portfolios website:    www.implementedportfolios.com.au

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