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Centuria Capital Group Offer

Centuria Capital Group (ASX:CNI) (Centuria) has made a conditional off market takeover bid1 to acquire all of the stapled securities in Primewest Group (ASX:PWG) (Primewest). This website includes links to Centuria’s Bidder’s Statement and Primewest’s Target Statement.

The Primewest Board unanimously recommends you ACCEPT the Centuria Offer, in the absence of a superior proposal. A link to accept the Centuria Offer online is above.

Centuria’s Bidder’s Statement includes details about the Centuria Offer, information about Centuria, details of Centuria’s intentions regarding Primewest’s business in the event of successful completion of the takeover, and information about the profile of the combined group.

Primewest’s Target Statement includes Primewest’s response to the Centuria Offer, the recommendation of Primewest’s Directors regarding Primewest securityholder acceptance of the Centuria Offer, and a copy of the Independent Expert’s Report. The Independent Expert’s Report provides an independent assessment of the transaction to assist Primewest securityholders in assessing whether or not to accept the Centuria Offer. The Independent Expert concluded that the Centuria Offer is fair and reasonable, in the absence of a superior proposal.

Links to Centuria’s and Primewest’s respective Chairmans’ Letters are also included in this website.

Important dates

Key dates for the Centuria Offer are below:

Announcement of the Centuria Offer19 April 2021
Date of the Bidder’s Statement and Target Statement14 May 2021
Date the Centuria Offer opens17 May 2021
Closing Date (unless extended or withdrawn)7:00pm (Sydney time) on 17 June 2021

About the Centuria Capital Group (Centuria)

Centuria Capital Group (CNI) is an Australian Securities Exchange (ASX)-listed specialist funds manager with $10.5 billion in assets under management2. For more than 20 years we have been helping investors grow their wealth through property investment and investment bonds.

1 Centuria Capital Limited acting in its own capacity in respect of the acquisition of Primewest Group Limited and as nominee for the Centuria Capital Fund in respect of the acquisition of Primewest Property Group
2 Pro forma AUM as at 31 December 2020 adjusted for post balance date revaluations and acquisitions; Includes 6-8 Munroe Lane, Albany, Auckland, NZ valuation on an as if complete basis; Includes commenced development projects valued on an as if completed basis.

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