Corporate Overview – Centuria Property Funds

Centuria Property Funds was formed in 1999 to arrange the syndicated purchase of investment grade property on behalf of a limited number of private investor clients. These investors wished to participate in the ownership of high-value commercial property, not normally accessible to individuals.

Centuria Property Funds is an established funds manager, managing multiple properties across unlisted property trusts, one open-ended diversified property fund and two listed REITs.

Centuria is committed to delivering investment performance and personal service to its clients. Each offering by Centuria follows a careful study of the risks and returns of the property investment. A primary focus is placed on the quality of the property as the underlying asset of each investment opportunity. Our experienced, hands-on approach means that we’re able, with every purchase, to identify investments with a strong mix of income, capital growth potential and tax benefits.

Asset Management

A critical part of the success of property investment is the quality of the ongoing management of tenants and the physical aspects of the property, both of which we consider to be strengths within our business.

In addition, capital gain potential is maximised by ensuring the most efficient use of space, conducting services upgrades, building refurbishment and assessing potential re-development.

The majority of our portfolio is managed by our in-house property division. Our team is comprised of experienced property professionals with backgrounds in leasing, agency and valuation.

Any property managed externally is managed by hand picked experts in their locations and asset types. They report directly to Centuria’s Head of Portfolio and Asset Management and the National Leasing Manager.

Fund Management

Investors can keep up to date with information related to their investment, including all Fund correspondence, distribution and tax statements and property performance through regular updates on the Centuria website and by logging into the Investor Share Registry.

We believe that our fundamental property experience, coupled with our funds management pedigree, place us in a unique position to maximise benefits for Investors.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) framework

In 2014, Centuria Property Funds (Centuria) established an ambitious Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) framework which guides our business as we continue investing in and managing high-quality property assets throughout Australia. It serves as a platform to communicate with our stakeholders on environmental, social, and governance expectations for our business, and outline the methods which we plan to use to ensure their achievement.

Our organisation is founded on being a highly principled investor, and has fostered a legacy of lasting relationships across the property industry while engaging intimately with the communities we operate in. The attentive and deliberate approach we have adopted with our group strategy extends directly to our ability to embed ESG fundamentals into our investment process. As the Australian property market continues to harness interest from an array of foreign investment groups, we have found our commitment to ESG principles to be a critical component of our success and growth in recent years. We pride ourselves on being able to apply our resources rapidly and with shrewdness, to provide premium service to our clients and investors, and for constantly seeking and implementing sustainable design in our properties, a redeeming feature to both our investors and the regions our properties are located in.

ASIC License

‘Centuria Property Funds’ collectively refers to the following licensees with Australian Financial Services Licenses (AFSL) issued by the Australian Securities Investments Commission (ASIC):

  • Centuria Property Funds Limited AFSL 231149 and
  • Centuria Property Funds No2. Limited AFSL 340304