If you have a question that is not covered below, please contact us and we will assist you personally.

How do I invest in a Centuria Property Fund?

When there is an offer open, you need to download or request the relevant Product Disclosure Statement. You can apply using the Application Form contained in the PDS. If you would like to request a PDS for a current offer, or if you would like to register your interest for future offers, please contact Centuria Investor Relations Team (02) 8923 8923, or via email contactus@centuria.com.au.

How do I change my address, bank account details or advisor details?

You can manage any changes to your details through our Centuria Online Investor Portal. Alternatively you can download an appropriate form from the Centuria Online Investor Portal. Please complete the form and email or post to Centuria Investor Services Team:

Address: GPO Box 804, Melbourne VIC 3001
Phone: 1300 113 548 or +61 2 8823 2585 (for international investors)
Fax: +61 2 8624 4794
Email: investor.services@centuria.com.au

How do I access the Centuria Online Investor Portal?

To access the Centuria Online Investor Portal please click here. In order to login you will need your Investor Account Code and password. To obtain your Investor Account Code or password, please contact Centuria Investor Services Team on 1300 113 548.

What can I access in the Centuria Online Investor Portal?

The Centuria Online Investor Portal contains all the relevant information regarding your investment, including your Unit Holding, Unit Values, Distribution Statements, Tax Statements, Annual Reports and all other correspondence.

My log-in is not working – who do I contact?

Please contact Centuria Investor Services Team on 1300 113 548 or via email investor.services@centuria.com.au

How are distributions paid?

Any distribution payable will be deposited directly into your nominated bank account. Depending on the Fund, this is either monthly or quarterly.

When will I receive updates on my investment?

Each Investor receives quarterly or monthly distribution statements, quarterly Fund Manager’s reports and their annual tax statements. In addition, Investors receive copies of our Property Focus newsletter.

Can I sell my investment?

All Centuria Property Funds are unlisted, so there is no secondary market to trade an existing Investment. It is possible to transfer a Unit Holding to a new or existing Investor via an off-market transfer. An Investor wishing to transfer their investment will need to independently source a buyer for their holdings.

Can I transfer my units?

You can transfer your units in a Centuria property fund via an off-market transfer with another investing entity. In order to complete a transfer please read the transfer form available from our Centuria Online Investor Portal for detailed instructions.