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Centuria settles on $106 million unlisted fund, bringing FUM to $4 billion

Centuria Capital Group (“Centuria” or ASX: CNI) is pleased to announce: $106 million acquisition of 1231 Sandgate Road, Brisbane (the “Property”) CNI total funds under management (FUM) to increase to $4 billion Centuria Property Funds Limited (“CPFL”), a wholly owned subsidiary of CNI, has settled the Property for $106.25 million. The Property was acquired by a new single-asset unlisted property fund (the Centuria Sandgate Road Fund),


Jason Huljich discusses commercial property trends and the latest Centuria Sandgate Fund offer

Jason Huljich joined Marty Switzer on Switzer TV to discuss commercial property trends and Centuria’s latest offer, the Centuria Sandgate Fund.  


FY16 Annual Results – Centuria Unlisted Property

Centuria Metropolitan REIT to announce FY16 Annual Results on the 9th of August. CMA will release a pre-recorded presentation of the FY16 Annual Results on the 9th of August. For further information please email Shalome Ruiter or call her on 8293 8262.


Finding yield with unlisted property trusts

It’s the old conundrum; if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Higher risk can mean higher returns, but it also means higher risk! At the same time, low risk means lower returns. In an economic environment of near-zero interest rates, many low-risk assets just can’t give investors the income stream they need –


A weak Australian dollar – friend or foe?

A weaker Australian dollar may be good news for our manufacturers and exporters. But what does it mean for property markets? Jason Huljich, CEO of Unlisted Funds for Centuria, looks at the pros and cons of a weaker dollar for property investors. There’s no question that the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) is happy about the weaker dollar.

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