Water and waste

We are focused on reducing water consumption and waste generation at our assets. By pursuing initiatives that help us consume less and source more sustainably, we better service our people, customers and planet.

This year we implemented multiple initiatives in water and waste management under the guidance of the Board.


This year, we worked in partnership with an external consultancy to identify waste tracking and reporting processes for the Australian office portfolio.

By establishing a baseline, supplier reviews, cost optimisation and tenant engagement, Centuria plans on conducting NABERS waste assessments and data driven improvement strategies to efficiently manage the waste generated by assets in the long term.

The strategic plan aims to introduce the Bintracker program, where the source and weight of all waste generated on-site will be measured. This creates efficient waste collection strategies and insights into the types of waste generated that could help Centuria have more effective engagement with tenants on how best to manage their waste.

Exchange Tower and 140 St Georges Terrace, were recognised among Western Australia’s most water efficient office buildings by the Water Corporation’s Waterwise Development Program. Exchange Tower was the recipient of the ‘Platinum’ Waterwise award, which recognises one business as a leader in water efficiency, demonstrating best practice and innovation in water management for the reporting year.

Waste, water and recycling data FY231,2

Water, waste and recycling2FY23
Total water consumption (kL)651,590
Total waste (t)6,983
Waste to landfill (t)5,184
Waste diverted (t)1,799
Waste diverted (%)26%
  1. All values in the above “Waste and water data” summary has been assured, apart from ‘waste diverted (%)’.
  2. Centuria’s reporting scope for FY23 includes Australian and New Zealand assets under operational control and the Group’s emplyee offices. For more information, please refer to the Group’s ESG data summary.

3.9 star

Centuria Office REIT has continued to maintain a 3.9 star water rating in the NABERS water Sustainable Portfolio Index. The Group continues to work on more efficient water systems at the properties to improve this score in the upcoming years.


Water and waste management is an important part of asset management. The ESG Management Committee oversees the systems set in place for future and current assets. Regular updates are provided to the Culture and ESG Board Committee, who then present any material information to the Board.

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