Conscious of climate change

Climate change has the potential to impact the way Centuria does business and the livelihoods of the communities in which we operate. Increasing severity in weather patterns and the movement of capital towards climate resilient opportunities requires a proactive and positive response.

Centuria is exploring opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions where practicable and is beginning to understand how it can become more resilient to the impacts of climate change. Each division of the Centuria’s real estate platform and respective stakeholders requires a practical and collaborative response to climate change.

Centuria’s approach to climate change will build strategic resilience into the way the Group operates and will help to reduce the impact of future potential climate-related risks, both physical and transitional, in owned assets. The Group is continually enhancing our internal preparedness and capability to respond to the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), while also preparing for the emerging Australian climate-related disclosures.

Our climate change content includes our TCFD disclosures whilst also covering the legislated External Reporting Board (XRB) requirements in New Zealand.

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