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Our employees

At Centuria, our employees are our greatest assets. They help us deliver continuous value to our customers and help Centuria strive to be one of the top asset management companies in the Australasian region. All employee policies and initiatives managed by Centuria Capital Group and our funds, including our listed REITs, benefit from Centuria’s dedicated framework.

We invest in our people to grow capabilities to be able to deliver on the Group’s strategy.

Our commitment to improving skills and training, diversity and inclusion and rewarding performance creates a working environment that enables employees to take initiative, be accountable and make a difference.

Building a collaborative and engaging workplace that enables employees to contribute and excel is integral to the delivery of the Group’s vision, strategy and purpose.

Supporting our focus on employees, we are proud to have been ranked in the top 10 in the 2023 AFR Best Places to Work in Australia and New Zealand. We were ranked from more than 700 nominated organisations across Australia and New Zealand based on ten key factors that are critical to employees feeling motivated and engaged at work.

Employee training and development

We have continued to conduct professional development programs to help employees progress in their careers. The Centuria Leadership Program and the General Manager Workshop have continued to train employees in their managerial skills throughout FY23, with eleven and four employees engaged in the respective programs.

Employees also engage in mandatory compliance training on governance and risk management policies. This includes the Group’s Code of Conduct which defines the principles and behaviours the Group embraces and requires employees to conduct themselves safely, honestly and responsibly.

We have continued our partnership with Western Sydney University (WSU), welcoming two interns into the workplace. Both interns are in their final year of studies and have had the opportunity to gain experience across various teams during their rotation. We are looking forward to providing further opportunities for WSU students in the future

Lastly, we have continued to support the 500 Women in Property initiative run by the Property Council of Australia (PCA). The program aims to accelerate more women into leadership positions in the property industry through sponsorship of high-potential talent. This year, the Property Council of Australia accepted all of our nominees for its program.

Our employees image

Employee engagement

This year, a participation rate of 90% was achieved, which ensures the data collected is an accurate representation of the Group’s employees.

We also achieved a positive engagement score of 77%, which it has acknowledged is a reduction from the previous financial year.

Building on empowering our workforce, new programs were introduced this year, including employee-nominated recognition awards (aligned to our corporate values and capabilities) and Lunch & Learn education workshops.

Centuria will continuously use feedback to create an action plan that will improve employee engagement, and will report on the progress in the future.

92% believe their manager genuinely cares about their wellbeing
88% are proud to work for Centuria

We are also above the industry average in areas including:

82% have confidence in Centuria’s leaders who keep their teams informed, share the company’s vision and demonstrates their team is important to the Group’s success.
Learning and development
74% three in four Centurians believe the company supports their development and career aspirations as well as provides career opportunities.

Diversity & inclusion

At Centuria, we promote a corporate culture where diverse experiences, perspectives and backgrounds of employees are embraced and valued. Our commitment and approach to diversity and inclusion are set out in its Diversity Policy and Code of Conduct, both of which are monitored and overseen by the Board.

During the financial year, the total headcount increased to 415 employees from 350 employees in the last financial year. We have also strived towards maintaining its goal of 40:40:20 gender diversity¹ with 45% of the Group’s workforce identifying as female.

To further broaden our diversity and inclusion practices, Centuria is also a proud supporter of the 500 Women in Property initiative. This program is run by the Property Council of Australia and Centuria is proud to announce that four out of five of our nominated employees were selected for the program.





of employees are female


Female senior executives2

2. ‘Senior executieves’ refers to all members of the Senior Executive Committee, Heads of Business and other senior executives within the company.

Grievance reporting

It is very important to us that our employees feel comfortable working at Centuria, and we have a formal system in place to allow them to voice their concerns and dissatisfaction. Our whistleblowing policy provides protection to those who have reasonable grounds to suspect if any officer or employee of Centuria conducts an offence against legislation or represents a danger to the public or the financial system.  Employees can submit a protected disclosure report to the Head of Risk and Compliance, who will then conduct necessary investigations. Findings from investigations will be reported to the Joint CEOs, who will then review and determine the appropriate actions that need to be taken. We are committed to the protection of genuine whistleblowers against actions taken in reprisal for the making of protected disclosures. Our whistleblowing policy is reviewed periodically when necessary.


Centuria has a decentralised human resource structure and employee programs are handled by the Culture and ESG Board with statistical data reported directly to the Culture and ESG Board by the Head of Operations. Consequently, all employee initiatives and data collected are reported to the CNI Board, which oversees and is ultimately accountable for the success of our employee welfare.