BlackRock Diversified ESG Growth Fund

Investment objective

To achieve superior investment performance through providing returns that exceed those of the composite benchmark after fees, over rolling 3-year periods.

Investment strategy

The strategy gains exposure to the targeted asset classes, through investing in other pooled investment vehicles which are managed by BlackRock. These underlying funds have a range of active and index investment strategies. Each active strategy aims to add value over the strategic allocation, whilst controlling risk. In addition to long only active funds, the fund may invest in underlying funds with absolute return strategies to achieve the fund’s overall performance objective. The selection of an underlying fund for inclusion in the strategy is the result of a comprehensive due diligence process. In selecting underlying funds, BlackRock takes into account ESG considerations as set out in the section of PDS titled ‘ESG approach within the underlying fund selection process’.

Investment manager

BlackRock’s purpose is to help more and more people experience financial well-being. As a fiduciary to investors and a leading provider of financial technology, we help millions of people build savings that serve them throughout their lives by making investing easier and more affordable. For additional information on BlackRock, please visit


The unit price chart will be added once there is sufficient historical data available.

Key features

Key features

Key features
APIR code OVS0032AU
Risk level 4 – medium
Minimum initial investment $500
Regular investment plan Minimum monthly deposit of $100
Minimum switching amount $500
Minimum balance $500
Total estimated fees and costs 0.87% p.a.
Recommended minimum investment period Five years

Target asset allocation1

Asset class Min % Max %
Australian shares 20 30
International shares 15 35
Emerging market shares 0 15
Global REITs (unhedged) 0 10
Global listed infrastructure (unhedged) 0 10
Gold 0 10
Australian fixed interest 0 20
Global fixed interest 0 20
Cash 0 20


1. The fund’s asset allocation may include exposure to underlying funds through which active asset allocations are made. The BlackRock Tactical Opportunities Fund is a defensive alternatives exposure. It has a cash benchmark and demonstrates a stable growth profile with low correlation to equity and bond markets, and as such may be invested in to meet the cash strategic asset allocation of the Fund, up to the disclosed weights. In seeking to outperform the composite benchmark, BlackRock Diversified ESG Growth Fund may invest approximately an additional 6.5% of its NAV in the BlackRock Tactical Opportunities Fund.

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