Investment Options

Centuria LifeGoals Investment Bonds offers a broad investment menu covering a range of asset classes.

Our range of high quality active investment managers and low-cost specialised index investments have all been carefully selected to offer a high level of expertise in their fields. They offer different investment styles to satisfy a wide variety of investor goals, enabling you to tailor your portfolio to match your specific risk and return requirements.

There are three multi-manager investment options that are managed by Centuria Life. The underlying investment managers and investments in each of the investment options have been selected based on the screening and asset allocation by the Centuria Life Investment Committee. The investment options may suit a range of investment styles and different investment risk levels.

unit prices

These investment options are unit-linked, and the unit price will vary as the market value of the underlying investments changes. The value of these investments reflects the change in the unit price.

Externally Managed Investment OptionsAPIR CodeFactsheet
Pendal Short Term Income Securities FundOVS5415AUFactsheet
Vanguard Australian Fixed Interest Index FundOVS9898AUFactsheet
BetaShares Australian Investment Grade Corporate Bond ETFOVS6296AUFactsheet
Pimco Global Bond FundOVS1514AUFactsheet
Pimco Australian Bond FundOVS2591AUFactsheet
Diversified Balanced Funds
Vanguard Diversified Balanced Index FundOVS4859AUFactsheet
Russell Investments Balanced FundOVS9487AUFactsheet
MLC Wholesale Horizon 4 Balanced PortfolioOVS1025AUFactsheet
Pendal Sustainable Balanced FundsustainableOVS1810AUFactsheet
Diversified Growth Funds
Vanguard Diversified Growth Index FundOVS2052AUFactsheet
Russell Investments Growth FundOVS2349AUFactsheet
MLC Wholesale Horizon 5 Growth PortfolioOVS6529AUFactsheet
Schroder Real Return FundOVS0157AUFactsheet
Australian Share Funds
Vanguard Australian Shares Index FundOVS7047AUFactsheet
AB Managed Volatility Equities FundOVS3629AUFactsheet
Bennelong Concentrated Australian Equities FundOVS7561AUFactsheet
Firetrail Australian High Conviction FundOVS5658AUFactsheet
BetaShares Geared Australian Equity ETF (hedge fund)OVS9527AUFactsheet
Fidelity Future Leaders FundOVS5444AUFactsheet
Greencape Broadcap FundOVS2419AUFactsheet
Alphinity Sustainable Share Fund sustainableOVS9577AUFactsheet
International Share Funds
Vanguard International Shares Index FundOVS9675AUFactsheet
Walter Scott Global Equity Fund (Unhedged)sustainableOVS8802AUFactsheet
T.Rowe Price Global Equity FundOVS3393AUFactsheet
Magellan Global FundOVS5674AUFactsheet
Vanguard International Small Companies Index FundOVS0233AUFactsheet
Property & Infrastructure Funds
Vanguard Australian Property Securities Index FundOVS5104AUFactsheet
Magellan Infrastructure FundOVS0673AUFactsheet
Centuria Multi-Manager Investment Options
Centuria Australian Shares FundOVS0010AUFactsheet
Centuria Balanced FundOVS0011AUFactsheet
Centuria Growth FundOVS0006AUFactsheet

sustainable  ESG Investment Option


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