Vanguard Diversified High Growth Index Fund


Investment objective

The fund seeks to track the weighted average return of the various indices of the underlying funds in which it invests, in proportion to the Strategic Asset Allocation, before taking into account fees, expenses and tax.

Investment strategy

The Fund provides low-cost access to a range of sector funds, offering broad diversification across multiple asset classes. The High Growth Index Fund invests mainly in growth assets, and is designed for investors with a high tolerance for risk who are seeking long-term capital growth. The Fund targets a 10% allocation to income asset classes and a 90% allocation to growth asset classes.

Investment manager

Vanguard is one of the world’s largest global investment management companies. In Australia, Vanguard has been serving financial advisers, retail clients and institutional investors for more than 20 years.

Since launching the first index managed fund for retail investors in 1976, Vanguard has strived to be the world’s highest value provider of investment funds and services. We have an unwavering focus on our clients with a commitment to champion what’s best for investors by offering substantial value and keeping costs as low as possible. Over the years Vanguard has built a reputation as a global leader in client advocacy and earned the trust of millions of investors along the way.

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Key features

Key features

Key features
APIR code OVS4868AU
Risk level 6 – High
Minimum initial investment $500
Regular investment plan Minimum monthly deposit of $100
Minimum switching amount $500
Minimum balance $500
Total estimated fees and costs 0.59% p.a.
Recommended minimum investment period Seven years

Target asset allocation

Asset class Min % Max %
Australian equities 34 38
International equities 24.5 28.5
International equities (hedged) 14 18
International Small Companies 4.5 8.5
Emerging Markets Equities 3 7
Total Growth Assets 88 92
Australian fixed interest 1 5
International fixed interest (hedged) 5 9
Total Income Assets 8 12


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