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Centuria LifeGoals
investment bond


The Centuria LifeGoals investment bond is the simple, flexible and tax efficient investment solution that can help you achieve your long-term goals in a way that suits you. Investment bonds are in the spotlight and Centuria are working hard to help break down the structure of these investments to show how many investor profiles can use investment bonds in their wealth planning.

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Tax paid

investing at max tax rate of 30% over 10 years


minimum investment


investment options

Named beneficiaries

Paid tax-free

Are you seeking more from your investments?

The Centuria LifeGoals investment bond offers an extensive range of investment options intended to meet a broad range of wealth needs. We understand that your appetite towards risk as well as your return objectives may change as you go through different stages in life.

Investing through Centuria LifeGoals gives you the flexibility to switch between investment options without triggering a personal tax or CGT liability, so you can manage your investment to suit your current and future investment aims and objectives.

Investment options

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Check out the LifeGoals infographic

Centuria LifeGoals’ Investment Bonds offer a tax effective investment vehicle outside of superannuation. They have features that investors should consider if they wish to invest outside of superannuation. Suitability of an investment in a Centuria Investment Bond will depend on a person’s circumstances, financial objectives and needs, none of which have been taken into consideration on the website . Prospective investors should obtain and read a copy of the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and consider the information in the PDS in light of their circumstances, objectives and needs before making a decision to invest. We recommend that prospective investors consult with their financial adviser. This website is not an offer to invest in any of Centuria’s Investment Bonds. Investment in Centuria’s Investment Bonds are subject to risk as detailed in the PDS. Centuria will receive fees in relation to an investment in its Investment Bond. Issued by Centuria Life Limited ABN 79 087 649 054 AFSL 230867.