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    Centuria LifeGoals Investment Bonds

  • How could Centuria LifeGoals work for you?

    Understand just how flexible Centuria LifeGoals investment bonds can be by using our innovative financial calculator (LIFT) to help you decide how to grow your investment by selecting LifeGoals investment options.

    How could Centuria LifeGoals work for you?

  • Which investor profile are you?

    LifeGoals investment bonds can be utilised to address a number of investment scenarios.

    Which investor profile are you?

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Tax paid investing
at max tax rate of
30% over 10 years




Paid tax-free

Centuria LifeGoals is the simple, flexible and tax efficient investment solution that can help you achieve your long-term goals in a way that suits you. Investment bonds are in the spotlight and Centuria are working hard to help break down the structure of these investments to show how many investor profiles can use investment bonds in their wealth planning.

How Centuria LifeGoals investment bonds can work for you:

  1. Tax effective wealth building
  2. Alternative to Superannuation
  3. An alternative to managed funds, family trusts and company structures
  4. Peace of mind estate planning
  5. Investing for children and the Child Plan
  6. Create a tax effective income stream

Are you seeking more from your investments?

Are you wanting to build wealth, save for a property, or set aside an education fund? Do you want to complement your superannuation strategy with a more flexible investment or look for an efficient way to transfer wealth?

Find out more about the investment options that are available to invest in.

Estate Planning




Latest LifeGoals News


LifeGoals adds seven new investment options

Centuria Life is pleased to announce that it has added seven new high quality investment options to the Centuria LifeGoals Investment Bonds menu taking the total number to 31, and giving investors greater choice to grow their wealth in a 30% tax paid environment. New Funds FIXED INTEREST Pimco Australian Bond Fund Pimco Global Bond Fund Australian Share Funds Greencape Broadcap Fund Alphinity Sustainable Share Fund International Share Funds Vanguard International Small Companies Fund Walter Scott Global Equity Fund Diversified Balanced Funds Pendal Sustainable Balanced Fund

Three ESG options added to LifeGoals investment menu

Due to the increased demand from investors, Centuria LifeGoals Investment Bonds has launched three new responsible investment options. Responsible investment, or otherwise known as Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Investment allows investors to invest in funds that integrate ethical and sustainable themes across the investment process. The new ESG investment options are; Alphinity Sustainable Share Fund Walter Scott Global Equity Fund Pendal Sustainable Balanced Fund What are the main considerations of responsible investing?

Enhanced online experience for investors

Centuria Life is committed to investing in technology to benefit our investors and has recently upgraded our online user capability. New online application and verification system After a 12 month planning and implementation process, Centuria Life has launched our enhanced online application process making it easier to invest in Centuria LifeGoals. In addition to this, for Anti Money Laundering and Identification purposes,

Centuria LifeGoals Fund Manager Selection

Jack Coleman, Portfolio Manager for Centuria LifeGoals, talks about Centuria LifeGoals and its Fund Manager selection process.

Centuria LifeGoals’ Investment Bonds offer a tax effective investment vehicle outside of superannuation. They have features that investors should consider if they wish to invest outside of superannuation. Suitability of an investment in a Centuria Investment Bond will depend on a person’s circumstances, financial objectives and needs, none of which have been taken into consideration in this advertisement. Prospective investors should obtain and read a copy of the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and consider the information in the PDS in light of their circumstances, objectives and needs before making a decision to invest. We recommend that prospective investors consult with their financial adviser. This website is not an offer to invest in any of Centuria’s Investment Bonds. Investment in Centuria’s Investment Bonds are subject to risk as detailed in the PDS. Centuria will receive fees in relation to an investment in its Investment Bonds. Issued by Centuria Life Limited ABN 79 087 649 054 AFSL 230867.