Centuria LifeGoals Investment Bond

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Welcome to Centuria LifeGoals – a tax effective investment solution with access to a wide range of carefully selected investment options.

Centuria LifeGoals has been designed to help your clients achieve their wealth goals in a maximum 30% tax paid structure.  We have designed LifeGoals to incorporate the latest online features with online applications, reporting and switching capabilities. You can also contact our Investors Services team on 1300 505050 for assistance.

If your clients are looking for;

  • Ways to complement their superannuation
  • Estate planning benefits with nominated beneficiaries sitting outside of the estate
  • Tax efficient investing for minors
  • Access to geared funds
  • Creditor protection.

Then Centuria LifeGoals can provide the solution you are seeking.

Key adviser benefits:

  • Extensive adviser and AFSL reporting functionality & data feeds.
  • Lonsec ‘Recommended’ rating for platform. The ratings for individual funds carry through to each investment option.
  • Range of case studies, investment strategy papers and advice support including SOA templates.
  • Dedicated adviser support with national sales team and call centre.

Additional client benefits:

  • Child Plan facility
  • Online applications and fee-free switching between investment options
  • A large selection of investment options across multiple asset classes
  • Client ownership options can be individual or joint, companies or trusts.


We have provided a range of support features accessible below. We have additional resources available by contacting our Distribution team.

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