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Open for Investment

Centuria Agriculture Fund

EXPESSIONS OF INTEREST - a new open-ended investment targeting high-quality sustainable agricultural investments with strong tenant covenants, which are well positioned to benefit from the continued growing demand for fresh food produce and other essential agricultural products.

Centuria Government Income Property Fund No.2

OPEN FOR INVESTMENT - The Fund is acquiring a 100% interest in an A-grade commercial office asset located in Port Adelaide.

Centuria Diversified Property Fund

OPEN FOR INVESTMENT - An open-ended diversified fund that aims to provide investors with tax-effective monthly income and long-term capital growth.

Centuria LifeGoals Investment Bonds

OPEN FOR INVESTMENT - A tax effective investment solution with access to 31 carefully selected investment options.

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How to identify a quality commercial property investment

by Ross Lees

Commercial property can be a very attractive investment, and the key to success starts with a careful selection process.


Real estate as an inflation hedge

by Jason Huljich & Ross Lees
Investors looking at real estate investment may only consider the risks posed by inflation such as rising debt costs, share market investor risks appetite (for A-REITs) and any potential impacts on valuations for property purchases chasing yield. However, investors often overlook positive factors.


Enhancing a Family Trust with LifeGoals Strategies

James Jarvis, Queensland Distribution Manager, discusses how Centuria LifeGoals Strategies can enhance a Family Trust. 


Centuria LifeGoals halves administration fee

Centuria Life (CLL) has announced it is re-pricing its investment product, Centuria LifeGoals, by halving its administration fee from 0.60% per annum to 0.30% per annum.


Enhanced online experience for investors and advisers

Centuria Life is committed to investing in technology to benefit our investors and advisers and has recently upgraded our online user capability.


Centuria LifeGoals Fund Manager Selection

Jack Coleman, Portfolio Manager, discusses the process for Centuria LifeGoals’ selection and monitoring process.

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