Providence Investment Fund

Investment objective

The Fund’s objective is to generate consistent growth and income returns over the medium to long term.

Investment strategy

The Providence fund is a diversified portfolio targeted towards a long term balanced/growth strategy, with a focus on long term compound growth. It leverages off the Providence Investment Committees, tactical asset allocation decisions and access to external fund managers via Exchange Traded Funds and unlisted managed funds. It has a long term investment horizon.

Investment manager

Providence is a well respected investment advisory group providing financial advice, comprehensive wealth management and investment strategies. Providence’s investment advice is supported by in depth research, extensive market knowledge and an experienced investment committee.

Providence was established in 2000 as an independently owned and operated investment advisory adviser licensed by ASIC and holding Australian Financial Services Licence Number 245643.


The unit price chart will be added once there is sufficient historical data available.

Key features

Key features

Key features
Risk level 6 – High
Minimum initial investment $500
Regular investment plan Minimum monthly deposit of $100
Minimum switching amount $500
Minimum balance $500
Total estimated fees and costs 1.06% p.a.
Recommended minimum investment period 5-7 years

Target asset allocation

Asset class Min % Max %
Cash 2 50
Australian equities 15 50
International equities 0 40
Property 0 25
Fixed income and credit 0 50
Alternatives 0 20


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