MLC Wholesale Horizon 4 Balanced Portfolio


Investment objective

The portfolio aims to outperform the benchmark, before fees, over 4 year periods.

Investment strategy

MLC actively looks for opportunities to provide better returns, or less risk, than those generated by the benchmark asset allocation and to manage the Trust’s exposure to the risks of investing in markets. Our investment experts do this by:

  • Researching and selecting a broad range of mainstream asset classes, and including some exposure to alternative assets and strategies.
  • Adjusting the allocations to the asset classes within the defined ranges shown below.
  • Selecting investment managers from some of the best in Australia and overseas.

Investment manager

MLC Investments Limited (MLC) has been looking after the investment needs for generations of Australians. Our experience has taught us the right solution for each investor is unique and their needs change over time.

We specialise in creating a diverse range of investment solutions so you can grow your wealth the way you want to. And, we’ll continually enhance our products and services to make the most of changing investment opportunities.

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Unit price

Unit price

MLC Wholesale Horizon 4 Balanced Portfolio Unit Price History

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Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.


The performance of your investment is measured after taxes and fees within this tax paid fund.

1 mth 3 mth 6 mth 1 yr 2 yrs 3 yrs
Net return* (%) 1.46% 3.24% 7.02% 8.50% 3.22% 3.25%

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.
(*As at 31/03/2024)

Key features

Key features
APIR code OVS1025AU
Risk level 5 – medium to high
Minimum initial investment $500
Regular investment plan Minimum monthly deposit of $100
Minimum switching amount $500
Minimum balance $500
Total estimated fees and costs 0.95% p.a.
Recommended minimum investment period Five years

Target asset allocation

Benchmark Asset Allocation
Cash 1%
Fixed income 26%
Defensive alternatives and other 5%
Total defensive assets 32%
Australian shares 28%
Global shares 28%
Listed property securities 4%
Growth alternatives and other 8%
Total growth assets 68%

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