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What is Estate Planning (and why is it important)?

Everyone talks about estate planning, but what exactly does that involve and why is it so important?


LifeGoals adds seven new investment options

Centuria Life is pleased to announce that it has added seven new high quality investment options to the Centuria LifeGoals Investment Bonds menu giving investors greater choice to grow their wealth in a 30% tax paid environment.


Three ESG options added to LifeGoals investment menu

Centuria LifeGoals Investment Bonds has launched three new responsible investment options allowing investors to invest in funds that integrate ethical and sustainable themes across the investment process.


Enhanced online experience for investors

Centuria Life is committed to investing in technology to benefit our investors and has recently upgraded our online user capability.


Centuria LifeGoals Fund Manager Selection

Jack Coleman, Portfolio Manager for Centuria LifeGoals, talks about Centuria LifeGoals and its Fund Manager selection process.


Online switching now available

Investors can now submit a switch request for Centuria’s LifeGoals Investment Bonds product through their CenturiaInvestor account, instead of having to fill out and submit a paper form.


Centuria launches Investment Bond Calculator

Centuria Life has launched its bespoke investment bond calculator, one of the most sophisticated investment bonds calculators available in Australia incorporating metrics such as franking levels, stock turnover, the percentage of income versus growth and the different treatment of capital gains.


Our payment details are changing

Centuria Life has updated its banking facility across its product range and as a result of the update BPAY and EFT details for Centuria Investment Bonds and Centuria LifeGoals have changed. If you have direct debit setup there is nothing further you need to do. If you use BPAY or EFT to make contributions to your Bond please note new BPAY and banking account details which are effective immediately.


What’s more important: the pre tax or after tax return?

When you’re researching an investment, one of the first things you look for is how it has performed over time. Generally, the investment promoter will highlight the most attractive figure to draw you in – the headline return – and have the after-tax and fees return in smaller print where it’s difficult to spot. By just focusing on an investment’s pre-tax returns,


Centuria ‘LifeGoals’ awarded ‘Very Strong’ by Australia Ratings

Centuria LifeGoals, Centuria Life’s new investment bonds product, has been awarded a rating of ‘Very Strong’ by Australia Ratings. Centuria Life is part of specialist investment manager Centuria Capital Group.


Product Spotlight: Centuria LifeGoals

Michael Blake, Centuria’s Head of Life, shares with SMSFAdviser the features of investment bonds, and why Centuria’s LifeGoals product might meet your financial needs.


Do you prefer an active or passive fund manager?

There are typically two styles of fund managers: active and index (or passive), and looking beyond returns to understand a manager’s investment philosophy and building a portfolio of complementary managers should lead to better long-term outcomes with lower volatility of capital.

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