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Centuria Healthcare* is a specialist fund manager in the healthcare property sector providing unlisted, closed-ended, fixed term healthcare property investments to individual, wholesale and institutional investors.

We develop funds that drive attractive, consistent and reliable income returns for our investors, along with the potential for capital growth. On a historical basis, the healthcare property sector has delivered strong returns and experienced relatively low volatility when compared to other real estate asset classes**. These trends have been driven by:

  • Stable revenue streams (backed by government funding) allows tenants to commit to longer term leases, creating greater revenue stability
  • Non-discretionary nature of healthcare expenditure limits exposure to economic downturns.

Centuria Healthcare’s point of difference

A market leading healthcare property fund manager with over 40 years’ experience managing money for all investor types. We have a differentiated healthcare property portfolio centred around cost effective models of care, with a focus on medical centres, specialist facilities/day hospitals and residential aged care. The Centuria Healthcare team has a depth of knowledge and resources in this niche universe of property investing, enabling the sourcing and identification of exciting new investment opportunities in the healthcare landscape.

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*In July 2020, Centuria Heathley Pty Limited was renamed Centuria Healthcare Pty Limited and Centuria Heathley Asset Management was renamed Centuria Healthcare Asset Management.
In May 2019, Centuria Capital Group acquired a 63% economic interest in Heathley Limited, and its property funds management platform. Heathley Limited was subsequently renamed to Centuria Heathley Pty Limited. The transaction introduces a new asset class to Centuria’s expanding real estate platform and fully aligns it to the healthcare property sector through a preferred and specialised property funds manager.

** Past performance is not an indication of future performance.

Centuria Healthcare Asset Management Limited (ACN 003 976 672, AFSL 246368) is the manager and responsible entity of the healthcare property funds. The sole shareholder of Centuria Healthcare Asset Management Limited is Centuria Healthcare Pty Limited (ACN 001 477 505), established in 1977, Centuria Healthcare Asset Management was incorporated as a public company in 1990.

Latest Centuria Healthcare News

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24 July 2020

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Announcing Centuria Healthcare

23 July 2020

Today, Centuria Healthcare has launched as the new brand for all healthcare real estate owned by the previously known Centuria Heathley brand. In 2019, Centuria Capital secured a 63% interest in Heathley Limited, joining the companies together. The rebrand marks a significant milestone in the business’ evolution. Centuria Healthcare has grown its portfolio to 50Read More

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Centuria Healthcare opens first Dementia Care Residence

13 July 2020

In June, Centuria’s healthcare and development teams delivered a dementia care residence in Wahroonga, run by the trusted Group Homes Australia. This innovative five-bedroom, sprawling house redefines the concept of aged living. Residents are living independently in a typical suburban setting, with an onsite ‘home-maker’ who’s able to assist with any needs. This real estateRead More

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Why invest in Healthcare?

22 May 2020

In May 2019, Centuria announced the acquisition of a 63% economic interest in Heathley Limited and its property funds management platform, Heathley Asset Management Limited. Heathley Limited was subsequently renamed to Centuria Healthcare. The transaction introduces a new asset class to Centuria’s expanding real estate platform and fully aligns it to the healthcare property sectorRead More