Unlisted property funds

An unlisted property fund is a form of direct property investment that provides investors the opportunity to gain access to commercial property assets through an investment in a fund. By investing in an unlisted property fund, investors will receive units in the fund/trust which holds the property assets that are managed by a professional property investment manager such as Centuria. Unlike listed property funds, unlisted property funds are not traded on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). More information about unlisted property funds can be found below.

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What are unlisted property funds?

Unlisted property funds can be categorised into two different structures:

  • Closed ended: In a closed-ended structure, investors will receive units at the commencement of the fund and generally cannot redeem until the underlying property is sold, proceeds are distributed and the fund is wound up. These are typically single asset funds and run for a fixed-term of 5-7 years. Centuria has a number of closed ended unlisted property funds that are typically single asset funds that invest in high value commercial property across Australia.
  • Open ended: In an open-ended structure, the property fund can continue to issue units and acquire new properties on an ongoing basis. The fund has a diversified portfolio of properties where there is no fixed-term of investment, meaning the fund remains open with no definite end date. Instead, investors are offered a liquidity facility where they can redeem part or all of their units in the fund at regular or certain times during the life of the fund. Centuria has three open ended unlisted property funds, the Centuria Diversified Property Fund (CDPF), the Centuria Healthcare Property Fund (CHPF) and the Centuria Agriculture Fund (CAF).

Benefits and risks of unlisted property funds

Unlisted property funds have the potential to provide investors with returns in the form of capital gains and regular distribution (rental) income. They also enable investors to gain exposure to the commercial property market at a relatively low entry point without the requirement to manage the properties themselves. The key things to consider when investing in unlisted property funds are the liquidity of the fund, the gearing of the properties in the fund and understanding the individual properties held by the fund and their characteristics. You should also consider whether this general information is appropriate for you and consult your financial or other professional adviser before investing. For further independent information, please read the MoneySmart guide to investing in property schemes.

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Latest Centuria unlisted property news


CAF secures $21.5m greenhouse and glasshouse asset, SA

Centuria Capital Group acquires $21.5 million greenhouse and glasshouse facility within the Adelaide Plains, South Australia, for its open-ended unlisted Centuria Agriculture Fund (CAF).


What is the right way to value unlisted property?

The Centuria Diversified Property Fund aims for best practice when valuing its property portfolio, as Doug Hoskins explains in this Livewire article.


Why property diversification is important and how to achieve it

Doug Hoskins discusses the multiple layers of diversification within the Centuria Diversified Property Fund in this Livewire article.


Willawong warehouse sold at 31% premium1

A warehouse located within a key southeast Brisbane industrial precinct at Willawong has been sold at a premium to its prior book value.


Experience, access and diversification – how Centuria is doing property differently

Doug Hoskins talks with Livewire markets’ Chris Conway about how the Centuria Diversified Property Fund does things a little differently than most.


Centuria secures sales premiums in urban markets

Centuria has achieved above prior book value sales premiums for two urban assets in Sydney and the Gold Coast, respectively, which reflect strong demand for well located commercial real estate benefitting from urban regeneration and in close proximity to housing, schools and universities.


Centuria completes Apex Steel’s new HQ, Direk SA

Centuria Capital Group has completed Apex Steel Supplies’ new South Australian headquarters at 36 Caribou Drive, Direk SA, with the occupier officially opening its new premise. The unlisted open-ended Centuria Diversified Property Fund owns the property.


Centuria secures Guyra glasshouse

Centuria has secured a 20 hectare tomato glasshouse facility in Guyra NSW on behalf of its unlisted Centuria Agriculture Fund (CAF) from a family owned investment office.

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