• Centuria Healthcare Property Fund*
    The Centuria Healthcare Property Fund is now accepting new applications.

    Centuria Healthcare Property Fund

  • Fund Portfolio*

    Institutional grade healthcare assets

    Leases to quality healthcare operators

    Annual rental increases

    Strong investment pipeline 

    Centuria Healthcare Property Fund

  • Healthcare Sector Drivers

    Ageing population

    Chronic disease management

    Focus on preventative care

    Centuria Healthcare Property Fund

Centuria Healthcare Property Fund

The Centuria Healthcare Property Fund (CHPF) is an unlisted healthcare property fund that aims to provide monthly tax effective income and the potential for long term capital growth by investing in a diversified portfolio of healthcare real estate located within Australia.

The CHPF is now accepting new applications.  

Invest with as little as $10,000. There is no maximum term of investment^.



Unit price


# Notice of Unit Pricing Blackout Period – Centuria Healthcare Property Fund (CNT0438AU).
Please note that there will be a unit pricing blackout period for the above-mentioned fund over the Christmas period for the following dates 29/12/2020 – 31/12/2020. The delayed prices will be provided between 4/1/2021 and 6/1/2021.

Invest in the Centuria Healthcare Property Fund

The Centuria Healthcare Property Fund is now accepting new applications. 

To receive a Product Disclosure Statement (PDS), please request a PDS. The Fund has re-opened for applications to acquire additional healthcare properties.

Fund Distributions

Distribution# (CPU*)0.47920.4792

# This is a monthly distribution and not annualised
* CPU = Cents per unit

Property Portfolio Pipeline


6.7 years4



Request a PDS

You must read the PDS before applying.

Investment Portfolio

CHPF invests in direct property, cash and an ASX-listed A-REIT

Investor Centre

Including Forms and Continuous Disclosures.

2. Distributions will be paid if declared by Centuria Property Funds No2 Limited (CPF2L) and will be subject to the terms set out in the PDS.
3. The Fund owns the Forrest Family Practice, South Bunbury WA, the Bloomfield Medical Centre in Orange, NSW, the Vermont South Medical Centre in Vermont South, VIC, and the Hobart Day Surgery, TAS. The Fund is also contracted to acquire the Murrumba Village Medical Centre in QLD, a South Australia medical centre, WEST Medical HQ in West Lakes (via call option), and is in exclusive due diligence to acquire a Western Australian day hospital, Sundew Day Surgery in Joondalup. Therefore, it is possible the Fund may not acquire those assets. For more details about the Seed and Portfolio Assets, please refer to the Investment Portfolio page.
4. As at 30 November 2020 and includes rental guarantees and assumes CHPF will acquire the Seed and Pipeline Portfolio.
* The Fund currently owns the Forrest Family Practice, Bloomfield Medical Centre, Vermont South Medical Centre and Hobart Day Surgery properties, and is contracted or in exclusive due diligence to acquire the other properties shown. Apart from the Forrest Family Practice, Bloomfield Medical Centre, Vermont South Medical Centre and Hobart Day Surgery properties, the acquisition of these properties is subject to completion and/or completion of satisfactory due diligence. Therefore, it is possible the Fund may not acquire those properties.
^ Redemptions are limited to the terms detailed in the PDS and are subject to CHPF’s liquidity policy

SIV Compliant Fund

SIV Compliant Fund

The Centuria Healthcare Property Fund complies with the SIV guidelines. Find more information about SIV compliance

Why Centuria?

Why Centuria?

Centuria Capital Group (Centuria) is an ASX listed specialist fund manager with $9.4 billion6 of assets under management.

Centuria’s property funds offer investments in listed and unlisted property across 85+ high quality office, healthcare and industrial buildings around Australia. We are a relationship business, forging close connections with investors and actively managing properties to improve usability and attract and retain good tenants. We see this as our competitive advantage, which has helped us achieve a strong record of competitive income returns and capital growth.

The unlisted business has a 20 year heritage and in that time, has completed 44 unlisted property funds (as at 30 June 2020. All available funds have been returned to investors).

Centuria’s Value Add Investment

Centuria’s investment philosophy is founded on an active management approach to real estate where relationships are key and value can be added at all stages of the investment process (acquisition, ownership, management and disposal). Centuria has a particular strength in identifying assets that require intensive asset management to maximise returns and has an in-house team to deliver the requisite range of value-add services. Centuria does not try to predict broader macro economic trends but instead believes that an asset that is well acquired and actively managed will outperform a passive approach through the full economic cycle.

6. Centuria AUM as at 30 June 2020, Augusta AUM as at 31 March 2020. Includes CIP acquisitions announced 5 August 2020



All investments in unlisted property funds carry risk. As the Fund invests in commercial healthcare property, it carries the market and property risks associated with investing in healthcare property. As a geared investment, the Fund also carries associated financial and leverage risks. Risks can impact on distribution and capital returns over the term of the Fund. It is important that you read the Product Disclosure Statement and understand the risks of investing.


Disclaimer: Centuria Property Funds No.2 Limited ABN 38 133 363 185 AFSL 340304 (CPF2L) is the responsible entity for the Centuria Healthcare Property Fund (ARSN 638 821 360)(Fund) and has issued a Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for the Fund. This information is general information only and does not take into account the objectives, financial situation or particular needs of any person. You should consider whether this information is appropriate for you and consult your financial or other professional adviser before investing. You should obtain and read a copy of the PDS relating to the Fund before making a decision to invest. CPF2L and its associates will receive fees in relation to an investment in the Fund as disclosed in the PDS. Investment in the Fund is subject to risk including possible delays in payment or loss of income and principal invested. CPF2L does not guarantee the performance of the Fund.