• Centuria Heathley Direct Medical Fund No.2

    Centuria Heathley Direct Medical Fund No.2

  • Multi-asset portfolio

    Healthcare investment specialists

    7.9 year WALE and 99.7% occupancy*

    Attractive distribution yields

    Centuria Heathley Direct Medical Fund No.2

  • Healthcare compared to other property sectors

    Low correlation

    Longer lease terms

    Relatively low volatility

    Stable revenue streams

    Centuria Heathley Direct Medical Fund No.2

6.56% p.a.1,2
starting distribution yield



7.9 year* 

Invest in the Centuria Heathley Direct Medical Fund No.2

Secure your investment in the growing healthcare sector. The Centuria Heathley Direct Medical Fund No.2 (Fund) will have a forecast starting yield of 6.56% p.a.1,2.

The Fund is a multi-asset, closed-ended unlisted healthcare property fund with investments in assets located across three states.  Featuring a Weighted Average Lease Expiry of 7.9 years3, the properties are 99.7% occupied by high quality healthcare tenants including Queensland Health, Healius, Vision Eye Institute and Genesis Care.

There are 15 properties in the Fund including day hospitals, specialist centres, medical centres and medical offices.

Portfolio by location

portfolio by location

Why healthcare?

Why healthcare?

The healthcare property sector is underpinned by growing non-discretionary demand for healthcare services as a result of:

  • Ageing population
  • Longer life expectancy
  • Chronic disease occurrence
  • Increased focus on preventative care

The healthcare property sector has delivered strong returns and experienced relatively low volatility when compared to other property sectors. The non-discretionary nature of healthcare demand limits exposure to economic downturns.

Australian direct property total returns since 2008#

comparison of property sector returns

Stable revenue streams (backed by government funding) allow tenants to commit to longer term leases, creating greater revenue stability.

Centuria Heathley focus on healthcare tenants with sustainable business models that are reducing costs for the healthcare system and patients.

Centuria Heathley take a partnered investment approach with operators, through providing aligned capital.

# The “Healthcare” category is based on the IPD Australia Quarterly Healthcare Index, which provides a broad measure of investment returns for the healthcare property market in Australia and tracks the investment performance of 92 healthcare assets representing $2.6 billion. Returns with the IPD Healthcare Index are not representative of the performance of any single fund, including the Centuria Heathley Direct Medical Fund No. 2.

Forecast Returns

Forecast Returns

The Fund is forecast to provide attractive, income distributions of 6.56%p.a.1,2 (annualised) in FY20 and growing to 6.74%p.a.2 in FY21, with distributions being paid on a quarterly basis. Forecast returns are also anticipated to be tax deferred.

Minimum Investment

Minimum Investment

The minimum investment in the Fund is $50,000. Centuria Heathley may accept investments that are less than this amount at its discretion.

Fund Term

Fund Term

The Fund is a closed ended fund with anticipated close date of June 2024.

Investment Period: The Fund will aim to acquire the properties within a two and a half year period, and will end in December 2019, unless determined earlier by the manager.

Portfolio Management Period: Following the completion of the Investment Period, the Fund will have a Portfolio Management Period ending in June 2024.

No redemption facility is available.

Why Centuria Heathley?

Why Centuria Heathley?

Centuria Capital Group own 63.06% of Centuria Heathley. Centuria Capital Group is an ASX listed specialist fund manager with $6.2 billion4 of assets under management.

Centuria’s unlisted property business has a 20 year heritage and in that time, has completed 42 unlisted property funds.

Centuria Heathley Asset Management Limited will be the responsible entity for the fund. They are a highly experienced team from a broad range of backgrounds including property funds management, healthcare infrastructure and investment banking. They have completed around 50 healthcare property transactions since 2013 with a total acquisition value of over $650 million.

Centuria Heathley’s Investment Approach

Centuria Heathley have a disciplined approach to investment opportunities with a focus on healthcare tenants with sustainable business models that are reducing costs for the healthcare system.

They have a partnered investment approach with operators through providing aligned capital.



All investments in unlisted property funds carry risk. As the Fund invests in commercial property, it carries the market and property risks associated with investing in property. As a geared investment, the Fund also carries associated financial and leverage risks. Risks can impact on distribution and capital returns over the term of the Fund. It is important that you read the Product Disclosure Statement and understand the risks of investing.

* As at 30 June 2019.
(1) Annualised forecast yield for FY20 growing to 6.74%p.a.in FY21.  The distribution yield is calculated on an issue price of $1.0316 and is therefore subject to change. 
(2) Forecast returns are predictive in nature and are calculated in accordance with a number of underlying assumptions set out in the Product Disclosure Statement. As such, returns may be affected by incorrect assumptions or by known or unknown risks and uncertainties and may differ materially from results ultimately achieved. Returns are not guaranteed.

(3) By income as at 30 June 2019.
(4) As at 31 July 2019.


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