Scams and fraudulent activity

Cybercrime and scams are increasing in volume and sophistication. Investment scams in particular are on the rise. Centuria takes cybercrime very seriously and we do everything within our power to support our investors to protect their investments.

The Australian Government has important resources to help you to spot a scam, including:

  • ASIC’s Moneysmart, which also provides a list of companies you should not deal with; and
  • ACCC’s Scamwatch, which provides information on the latest scams and how to report a scam.

Centuria investment opportunities will always be provided with Product Disclosure Statements (PDS), which are accessible only via this website  All correspondence from our Australian business will always be from or and we can always be contacted to verify any product offers at +61 2 8923 8923.

Latest scams

Secured notes / Industrial fund scam – March 2023

We have become aware of the use of Centuria Capital’s name and brand by scammers to fraudulently solicit investment into two fake Centuria investment products, titled Centuria Secured Notes and the Centuria Industrial Real Estate Fund. An image of the fake PDS cover pages is provided below.

Scammers are using Facebook and other social media advertisements and third party websites, including so-called “investment comparison” websites. People are being contacted by fraudsters after completing enquiry forms via these fake third party websites. Fraudulent Centuria-branded documents, bank accounts, phone numbers and email addresses have been used, with scammers posing as Centuria staff.

If you suspect you might have been affected by this scam or if you have used a third party website to secure a Centuria investment, you should cease contact and correspondence immediately, and contact us at or phone 02 8923 8923.

If you suspect you have transferred money to a third party in relation to this scam, you should immediately contact police, and your bank to stop direct debit transactions if you’ve shared any banking details.

If you have provided your personal information to a third party (particularly identity information such as a copy of your driver’s licence or photograph of yourself), then you should also contact IDCARE as soon as possible.

You should also consider alerting major credit bureaus (such as Equifax and Experian) to put a block on your credit profile to stop others from opening accounts and transacting using your personal information.

If you’ve been affected, please contact us by calling +61 2 8923 8923 or email immediately.

Fraudulent documents

Fraudulent contact details

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