Social Infrastructure

Centuria has $82m1 worth of social, affordable and dementia-care homes under development, with most projects expected to complete by calendar year end 2021.

Social & Affordable Housing

Throughout 2021, Centuria will complete four affordable housing projects in partnership with one of Australia’s largest non-government community housing providers, Compass Housing Services and the NSW Department of Communities and Justice.

Servicing the NSW Central Coast, Newcastle and Lake Macquarie communities, the four developments will provide 190 affordable homes, worth a collective c.$72m.

Centuria was responsible for sourcing the development sites, providing development funding and implementing its development expertise. The developments are part the NSW Social and Affordable Housing Fund (SAHF). Centuria is acting in the capacity of Developer for each of the projects and has mitigated any risk by securing take out payments up front, for each project.

23-25 Young Street, West Gosford

Young St West Gosford

  • End Value: $22.5 million (excluding GST)
  • Completed: May 2021
  • Apartments: 56 units (26 one bed, 30 two bed)
  • Facilities: 1 commercial unit and 29 car parks

318 Maitland Road, Mayfield


  • End Value: $15.6 million (excluding GST)
  • Completed: February 2021
  • Apartments: 36 units (8 one bed, 28 two bed)
  • Facilities: 2 commercial units and 42 car parks

45 Pendlebury Road, Cardiff


  • End Value: $16.8 million (excluding GST)
  • Completed: July 2021
  • Apartments: 60 units (14 one bed, 40 two bed, 6 three bed)
  • 27 Car parks
  • Facilities: 1 commercial unit and 27 car parks.

357-359 Mann Street, North Gosford

Mann Street

  • End Value: $17.3 million (excluding GST)
  • Completed: June 2021
  • Apartments: 38 units (15 one bed, 23 two bed)
  • Facilities: 1 commercial unit and 23 two bed

Dementia Care

Centuria Healthcare has partnered with Group Homes Australia (GHA) to deliver independent lifestyle accommodation for those living with dementia. The Sydney-based properties buck the traditional institutional-style of care by providing sprawling, well-designed and well-appointed homes in a typical suburban setting.

St Ives, Sydney NSW

St Ives Sydney NSW

  • End Value: $4.17million (excluding GST)

Hunters Hill, Sydney NSW

Mayfield finished

  • End Value: $4.27million
  • Height: Single storey
  • Features: 10 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms and 3 living spaces

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