Major growth sector

Attractive underlying thematic

Centuria anticipates agricultural real estate including supporting infrastructure and agri logistics assets to be a major growth sector.

Demand and supplyDemand for Australian grown fresh food and other quality agricultural products is forecast to increase materially over the next 10 years, driven by middle class population and income growth in both local and offshore markets.1
Supply chainSupply chain disruption has been highlighted due to recent geopolitical and climatic events, bringing to focus the essential nature of access to locally produced agricultural products.2
ESG ESG opportunities within the agricultural real estate sector are disproportionately greater than other real estate asset classes.3
Globe Exports forecast to increase materially led by demand for premium food products potentially to grow by 55% to 2030.1
3 stars High quality and reliability of Australian agricultural products has created demand in high valued global markets.3
People ideasTechnology and farming practice advancements in the industry are driving labour productivity, increasing yields and decreasing wastage leading to higher revenues across the sector.3
Greenhouse Protected cropping allows for a year round and more predictable output, mitigating key risk in farming.4
Lock Stable domestic environment with a sound legal tenure on land ownership.2

Risks associated with the agricultural sector

Centuria acknowledges that agricultural properties are subject to additional risks when compared to other commercial real estate investments due to its exposure to environmental and climate factors. However, the group will seek to mitigate these risks as much as possible through the due diligence process when reviewing investment opportunities by identifying assets that feature protected cropping, access to water rights and a focus on sustainability.

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