Hospital, medical and aged care sector category definitions

Hospital, medical and aged care sector category definitions

In gaining a better understanding of the healthcare sector, it is important to understand the different categories of healthcare and what property types fall under each of them.

PrimaryFirst point of contact between patients and the healthcare system – e.g. GPs, nurses, pharmacists and other allied health professionals
  • Medical centres
SecondaryProvided by a specialist after having received a referral
  • Specialist facilities (IVF, renal, oncology)
  • Diagnostic facilities (pathology, imaging)
  • Day hospitals
TertiaryAccommodation for people who can no longer live independently and require nurse-assisted care
  • Residential aged care facilities
General hospital services including acute care, rehabilitation and psychiatric care
  • Private and public overnight hospitals
Support ServicesSupplementary services that support in the diagnosis and treatment of a patient
  • Medical offices
  • Medical research laboratories


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