Real Estate Debt Funds

An opportunity has arisen for non-bank lenders to finance high quality and attractively priced real estate transactions that have traditionally been the domain of the ‘big four’ banks. Centuria has established and raised capital for debt funds to provide institutional and high net worth investors with access to discrete finance investments that meet their individual risk, return and duration requirement. Fund investments will focus on mortgage-secured senior and mezzanine debt opportunities. Preferred equity investments may also be considered.

For institutional and high net worth investors, Centuria expects the majority of fund investment opportunities to arise in the residential sector with a particular focus on, including acquisition, bridging, construction and residual stock loans for multi-unit developments and land subdivisions. Loan terms will typically range between 12‑24 months. These funds are is suitable for investors that do not require regular cash distributions and are instead focused on attractive risk adjusted total returns. By not limiting the Fund to Loans that pay a regular income (i.e. by offering Loans where interest payments are capitalised into the outstanding debt facility and paid at maturity), Centuria expects to be able to originate a broader range of high quality financing opportunities.

Why invest in a Centuria Real Estate Debt Fund?

Centuria Real Estate Debt Funds are a great way to diversify your portfolio. They are usually for shorter periods, with higher risks and higher returns than other unlisted property funds.

Centuria’s Track Record

Bottleyard Apartments

Centuria Bottleyard Apartments Wholesale Fund (completed)

  • Property type: 125 completed residential apartments
  • Loan amount: $16.5m
  • Loan type: Senior loan facility
  • Loan purpose: First mortgage residual stock facility
  • Fund status: Completed March 2019
Lane Cove Wholesale Fund Building

Centuria Lane Cove Central Debt Fund (completed)

  • Property type: Neighbourhood shopping centre – future redevelopment site
  • Loan amount: $17.4m
  • Loan type: Senior debt
  • Loan purpose: Acquisition
  • Fund status: Completed March 2018
Woden Green

Centuria Woden Green Estate Development Fund (completed)

  • Property type: 99 residential apartments
  • Loan amount: $6.1m
  • Loan type: Mezzanine finance
  • Loan purpose: Construction
  • Fund status: Completed March 2018
 Rouse Hill Development

Centuria Rouse Hill Debt Fund (completed)

  • Property type: Residential land subdivision
  • Loan amount: $16.6m
  • Loan type: Senior debt
  • Loan purpose: Construction facility
  • Fund status: Completed March 2019

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