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COVID-19 Vaccine’s anticipated impact on Australian commercial real estate

By Jason Huljich, Joint CEO
As the Pfizer and AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccines begin to roll out, we are already seeing the effects of the pandemic’s impact starting to unwind. According to the ABS, nationwide payroll jobs have bounced back to pre-pandemic levels.


Unlisted Property Yields Piquing Investor Interest

By Jason Huljich, Joint CEO
For investors – both onshore and offshore – the hunt for investments with income-producing yields is ramping up.


2020’s Silver Linings

by John McBain, Joint CEO
It’s Christmas Eve and I’m reflecting on the year that was 2020.


Time to get sticky

by Andrew Hemming, Managing Director, Centuria Healthcare
Over the past seven months, COVID has tested the strengths of the relationship between the tenant and the landlord. Tenants would like to improve their business economics through lower rent (or a rent holiday), which is diametrically opposed to the desires of landlords.


The importance of geographically dispersed portfolios

by Jason Huljich, Joint CEO
The old adage, never put all your eggs in one basket, couldn’t be more true for real estate fund managers in today’s COVID-impacted investment market. So, let’s have a look into a few baskets.


Metro market magic

by Jason Huljich, Joint CEO
Within recent months, I’ve read half a dozen or more research papers outlining an emerging, COVID-induced trend referring to a ‘Hub-and-Spoke’ work model.


The value of sale-and-leasebacks

by Jason Huljich, Joint CEO
It’s official, we are currently wading through a technical recession. The past six-to-nine months have been trialling for businesses, especially business-to-consumer enterprises and more and more businesses are looking for alternatives to equity raising and extending their debt arrangements to support business operations.


Real estate that remains in good health

by Andrew Hemming, Managing Director, Centuria Healthcare
A good funds manager looks for undervalued assets, injects the right level of capital along with sound management initiatives to create well-performing investment vehicles and, subsequently, good returns for investors. The add-value strategy is a tried and tested approach in the asset management playbook.


You can’t conquer the world from your garage

by John McBain, Joint CEO
Since mid-March, when many Australians were sent home to work, we have been plagued with the repeated doomsday mantra that office occupation has a terminal outlook and that working from your spare room or garage is now the norm.


COVID-19’s impact on Australian commercial property markets

by Jason Huljich, Joint CEO
As we hit the three-month milestone since Australia went into lockdown, we are starting to get a better gauge of the COVID-19 impacts and emerging market opportunities across the commercial real estate sectors.


Quality tenants are paramount in market uncertainty

by Jason Huljich, Joint CEO
One of the most attractive aspects of commercial real estate assets is their ability to generate consistent returns from rental income, which can make real estate focused investment vehicles very appealing to individual and institutional investors.

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