Six Centuria unlisted funds top the index again

13 December 2018

For the sixth quarter in a row, six of Centuria’s unlisted funds are in the top 10 in the unlisted retail property sector’s leading index: The Property Council of Australia/IPD Australia Unlisted Core Retail Property Fund Index.

Centuria took the top honours in the September 2018 quarter with five of its funds taking the first five places with another in seventh place, based on total return performance for the 12 months to September 20181. The funds and their ranking are:

  • 1st: Centuria 203 Pacific Highway Fund
  • 2nd: Centuria Havelock House Fund
  • 3rd: Centuria 8 Central Avenue Fund 2
  • 4th: Centuria ATP Fund
  • 5th: Centuria 8 Central Avenue Fund
  • 7th: Centuria 2 Wentworth St Fund

The PCA/IPD Unlisted Core Retail Property Fund Index measures net asset value2 total returns for core unlisted retail funds within the index in the Australian market. It’s the only index in Australia that measures performance of unlisted retail property funds.

The index takes account of the performance of the properties held within the unlisted fund structure, along with the impact of non-property assets, cash holdings, debt and fees to produce an overall investment return. They are designed to help the real estate investment sector raise its information, reporting and transparency standards to the level of the mainstream exchange traded asset classes.

For the September 2018 quarter, the index included 27 funds totalling $5.7 billion in gross asset value.

For more than 20 years, Centuria has been helping investors grow their wealth through property funds – both listed and unlisted – and investment bonds. Having six of its unlisted funds in the top 10 of the main industry index is testament to the expertise and commitment of Centuria’s Unlisted Property team.

Download the IPD Australia Unlisted Core Retail Property Fund Indexes:

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1 Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.
2 Net of fees.

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