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Warragul Glasshouse_1200x200_bnr

Protected cropping benefits

The controlled growing techniques available from using protected cropping such as glasshouses and greenhouses are significant. The general risk mitigation factors of protected cropping usage vs open field include:

CalendarAll year-round production – ability to produce all year round at a consistent quality and quantity to meet consumer needs as a result of control over the growing conditions within a protected cropping environment.
water dropWater risk – Highly sustainable production methods using up to 80% less water and pesticides compared to field grown produce. (e.g. Flavorite Warragul harvesting system allows the capture of up to 80-90% of total water requirements.)
risk mitigationRisk mitigation – Protected cropping provides significant protection from climatic, pest and quality risks.
ProductivityProductivity – typically increased yields with highly predictable production profile.
dollarFinancial – limits the risk associated to loss of crop due to extreme weather events through greater control of the surrounding environment.
chartAccurate forecasting – given the control of climate and other external factors, the use of a glasshouse allows farmers to more accurately budget and forecast yields and returns due to control.
watering plantVariety of plants – protected cropping provides the ability to grow a variety of plants in controlled atmosphere environments including foreign plants in local climates.

Risks associated with the agricultural sector

Centuria acknowledges that agricultural properties are subject to additional risks when compared to other commercial real estate investments due to its exposure to environmental and climate factors. However, the group will seek to mitigate these risks as much as possible through the due diligence process when reviewing investment opportunities by identifying assets that feature protected cropping, access to water rights and a focus on sustainability.

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