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About protected cropping

Protected cropping, or growing crops under artificial structures, gives farmers more control over the growing environment, helping them protect crops against pests and extreme weather.
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Protected cropping benefits

The general risk mitigation factors of glasshouse usage vs open field.

Is agricultural land a good investment if you’re not a farmer?

An investment fund that specialises in agricultural land in Australia may have several advantages for individuals seeking yields.

How to invest in agriculture

Investors in agriculture might be delighted to learn that there are several factors underpinning the sector's financial future.
Discover Agricultural Investment Funds in Australia

Agriculture investment opportunities in Australia

Australia’s agriculture sector is increasingly in demand around the world. Exports of agricultural goods to Australia’s eight largest Asian markets are rising as their population grows and consumer patterns change.
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Discover agricultural investment funds in Australia

For individuals looking for a long-term investment opportunity, an agricultural investment fund offers access to a sector that has seen sustained demand and healthy revenue growth.
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Let’s talk agriculture

Senior Relationship Manager Aidan Whyte talks with Andrew Tout, Senior Transactions Manager - Agriculture, in this engaging interview about the agriculture sector.
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Agriculture evolved

Understand the changes happening across the agriculture industry and how they are impacting investment decisions.

Global consumption trends driving demand

Population growth will increase food consumption, diversify diets and consequently increase the demand for Australian food and fibre.

Agricultural real estate – Australia’s position

Investment in Australian agricultural real estate offers exposure to an asset class with strong underlying fundamentals.
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Strong domestic supply chain

Recent supply chain disruption has brought to focus the essential need to access locally produced agricultural products.

Attractive underlying thematic

Centuria anticipates agricultural real estate including supporting infrastructure and agri logistics assets to be a major growth sector for the investment universe.

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