Where to invest in industrial real estate?

It’s always critical to do your research if you are choosing to invest in industrial property – or any type of property for that matter. Remember the golden rule when it comes to property of ‘Location, location, location’.

Different states and cities will have different levels of activity and infrastructure spending which may or may not support the sector. Additionally, macro-economic trends can also impact on your investment’s short and long term returns.

The current larger economic and social themes include the eCommerce boom, the renewed logistics sector focus and the rise of the manufacturing sector in Australia, which are all impacting on the need for centrally located industrial properties.

All of these factors should be taken into consideration when deciding where to invest in industrial real estate.

Port Melbourne industrial facility

New South Wales

Take the example of NSW in the current market cycle, where the current infrastructure programs are likely to create a stronger positive for some parts of the industrial property market over others – much more so than in previous cycles. These spending programs are taking place within the geographical borders of Sydney – which means that not only will there be no access to new land, but land is being removed from the market – increasing pressure on prices and rents.

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