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Change in Registry Service Provider

20 December 2018

Please be advised that Centuria is transitioning its registry service provider to Boardroom Pty Limited (BoardRoom) for all investments. The transition follows a comprehensive review of our registry services and tender process. BoardRoom has a 30-year track record in safely managing share registries, offering an efficient, tailored and cost-effective solution, which can deliver an optimal

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Superannuation is very tax-effective, BUT…!

11 December 2018

By Michael Blake, Head of Centuria Life Superannuation is the most tax-effective vehicle in which to save for retirement, but it does come with restrictions. Recent changes to the super system has meant people can no longer put as much money into super as they could previously. This has led to a resurgence of interest

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A tax-free investment that isn’t super

Allison Macfarlane recently presented at the Switzer Investor Strategy Day “A tax-free investment that isn’t super”

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Michael Blake appointed to run Centuria Life

24 April 2018

Specialist investment manager Centuria Capital Group (ASX: CNI) today announced the appointment of Michael Blake to Head of Centuria Life. Centuria Life is the company’s investment bond business, with more than $850 million in funds under management. Michael has been at Centuria since the beginning of 2016, serving as Head of Sales and Marketing. With

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Are the super changes affecting your retirement planning?

If they’re not, maybe they should be, says Neil Rogan, General Manager of Investment Bonds for Centuria. Investment bonds can be a tax-effective alternative to super for those Australians affected by last year’s changes. Major changes to the superannuation rules came into effect in mid-2017, and by now, many SMSFs,as well as Australians earning higher

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Long-term investing made simple

22 March 2018

An investment bond is the ultimate set-and-forget long-term investment plan – with the added benefit of flexibility and tax-effectiveness. Sometimes it takes a shock to focus the mind, and when it comes to money and investments, it’s rarely a good shock. The Christmas credit card statement springs to mind, or the realisation of just how

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Podcast – Neil Rogan on NestEgg about Investment Bonds

Bonds aren’t usually associated with international travel, the US Superbowl, or a mid-career gap year, but according to Centuria’s Neil Rogan, investment bonds are much sexier than people think. Speaking to the Nest Egg podcast team, the general manager of Centuria’s investment bonds division, Neil Rogan said bonds are a tried and tested structure, and

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5 steps to achieving your new year’s investment resolutions

12 February 2018

One of the most common new year’s financial resolutions is “spend less and save more”. We all know that making regular contributions into an investment works. That’s the magic of compound returns. Indeed, Albert Einstein is said to have described compound interest as the most powerful force in the universe, and the eighth wonder of

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Strategies to fund a gap year

2 February 2018

The gap year is fast becoming a rite of passage for many young Australians, as they seek a break between the rigours of their final year of school and commencing further studies at tertiary level. Some students take a break to work and earn money to help them through uni, while others seek experiences –

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Is your investment strategy stopping you choosing your own retirement date

1 February 2018

Why super isn’t the only long-term saving plan Most of us would love to be able to choose when we retire – preferably before we are too old to enjoy it. At the same time, because we are living longer, we need to be realistic about how long we are likely to be in retirement

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