4 August 2020

Online switching now available

Investors can now submit a switch request for Centuria’s LifeGoals Investment Bonds product through their CenturiaInvestor account, instead of having to fill out and submit a paper form.

Submitting a switch request is quick and easy to do online. Once the investor is logged into their Centuria Investor account, the ‘switch’ option is available from the left-hand menu. The investor just needs to select which investment option they want to switch out of, how many units or the dollar value they would like to switch and select the investment option to switch into. After the switch is processed, a confirmation email is sent to the investor with their new position.

Investors can register for a Centuria Investor account using their bond number and postcode online at CenturiaInvestor.com.au.

If you have any queries or require more information, please contact Centuria Investor Services on 1300 50 50 50.